Our exclusive all in one service for the optimisation of your software. Test the functionality of your application and get usability feedback with the help of our crowd!

The challenge: Do I have high-quality software?

Are my clients quickly and easily able to find what they are looking for? Does the logging out process run without any errors on all Android devices? How does my software interact with the interfaces of Internet of Things applications and products? When it comes to software development, there are many challenges to overcome. Users’ expectations are extremely high; therefore functionality and user-friendliness need to be on par. Due to scarce resources, time pressures and the enormous fragmentation of devices, it is often hard to assure the quality of your software is high. As an additional challenge there is usually a lack of knowledge about the exact wishes of your target group and developers often suffer from operational blindness during the testing process.

The solution: The crowd performs comprehensive tests for you

With the help of our international crowd of testers, you can have your software tested under real world conditions and on an enormous range of diverse devices, operating systems and software, ensuring that everything runs flawlessly and is user-friendly. BugAbility™ offers you the best of both worlds of testing. While the focus is on functional testing, the entire process is complemented by questions concerning usability. Our crowdtesters search for bugs and defects in even the most remote corners of your software. Thanks to over 60 demographic characteristics, we are able to select exactly the testers that criteria of your target group. This way, you are able to receive feedback about the user-friendliness from your potential end consumers. BugAbility™ is especially suitable as a final quality-check before your products go live. Of course, this testing service can be combined with our other services such as End-to-End Testing or Localization Testing.

The Benefits of BugAbility™

  • Our all in one service only offered at Testbirds
  • Functionality testing with usability feedback
  • Test under real world conditions, no artificial environments
  • Target group-specific selection of testers based on over 60 characteristics
  • Individual test designs for multiple kinds of test objects
  • Experienced project managers support you and give you recommendations for further actions
  • Combinable with other testing services

Take the quality of your applications to the next level!

How it looks in practice

With over 4 million participants, ANWB, the Royal Dutch Touring Club, is Netherland’s largest association. Amongst other things, ANWB is responsible for signposting. On its website, the association offers a multitude of services around the topics of traffic and travel to its many members. With the help of Testbirds’ crowdtesters, ANWB has put their mobile website to the test for functionality and user-friendliness issues. Special attention was given to a new navigational concept which needed to be rated by the testers. A total of 25 Dutch testers with iOS and Android devices took part. They found 42 bugs, of which 15 had been rated critical or with a high level of severity. This reflected that ANWB was on the right path their new navigational concept. Using the feedback of the testers and the recommendations for further actions by Testbirds’ experienced project managers, the usability of their mobile website has been improved gaining it a consumer rating of 9.2 out of 10 during launch.

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