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Business Reporter Article on Crowdtesting


Business Reporter Article on Crowdtesting

How good are your customer experience capabilities? Are they meeting today’s challenges? What about tomorrow’s? If you want to survive and thrive, they must.

How do some companies get through the Corona crisis better than others? They follow a simple premise: Give locked-down customers exactly what they want. But how does that work? The answer (as so often) is a good customer experience. Online presence alone has not been enough for a while already. And this is especially true for the financial industry.

The pandemic has revealed weaknesses in traditional businesses like the financial sector. Especially for those with little or no digital presence. It’s also shown that being a fast and agile business is best.

Ready to learn more about how to find out precisely what your customers really expect from your products? How to develop a convincing digital presence? Find out more on Business Reporter.


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