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Testing IoT applications and smart devices

Smart homes, connected cars, and thousands of devices – with an estimated 127 connecting to the Internet every second – the Internet of Things (IoT) is a gamechanger. Especially from the end-user’s perspective. Apps must be native and easy to understand – and this is why testing is increasingly important.

How we support you

How can Testbirds support you in optimizing your IoT applications and smart devices?

Over 1,000,000 registered testers worldwide can be selected according to your target group
High-quality standards and a client satisfaction rating of 9.2 out of 10
Experience from several IoT projects
Quality assurance and usability tests
The challenge

More and more devices are connected to the Internet

The Internet is integral to our daily lives and it’s turning many of our once manual, analog objects into smart, digitally-operated ones. Doors and locks, vacuums, heating and cooling systems, and much more can now run without our help and can even learn our habits and preferences.

They are becoming more complex, connected, and relied upon. While we’re used to loading times of software, nobody wants to wait for objects that used to work immediately, such as the lock on our front door. In addition, we need these high-tech versions of day-to-day objects to work without an Internet connection.

The Solution

High-tech versions of day-to-day objects need to be intuitive

As a consequence, IoT testing needs to be approached methodically and professionally. In this booming market, there are new aspects regarding quality that manufacturers must take into consideration. This includes ensuring that your digital products function in the real world as they do in laboratory environments and that they are secure, safe, reliable, and have no usability issues.

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Test Objects

The types of apps we test

Smart home
Connected car
Smart devices

Our recommendations for IoT testing

We offer a wide range of solutions to make your digital channels perform as you planned.

Customer Journey Testing

Test your IoT application on- and offline, in every part of the experience. Our testers go through all the steps that the customer normally takes.

Moderated User Sessions

Gain unfiltered insights into users’ thoughts while your apps are tested. Moderated User Sessions make this possible

Exploratory Bug Testing

Our Crowd tests your website’s functionality – in real-world conditions and on their own devices

Usability and
UX Test

Ease of use is the key to success: Use the Crowd to gather feedback on the usability of your application.

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