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Our Vision
Building a better digital world – together

We aspire to be a trusted partner that helps you create digital products that your customers love.

Where our crowdtesting, which is built around quality, innovation, and flexibility, lets you set a benchmark for UX excellence by enabling you to focus on developing software of the highest standard and usability.

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A holistic approach to quality

A great software product is more than the sum of its parts. As is your business – and ours.

This is why we take a truly universal approach to ensuring the quality of everything we do. We strive to deliver high-quality results, every time, in every area of our business. Results that help you take your digital products to the next level.

This especially includes our crowdtesting services – from being certain we have the best crowdtesters and ensuring maximum data security and transparency, to providing services that are built to handle changing needs and quality demands, and that everything seamlessly works together to provide an optimal user experience. One that makes your product truly stand out in the digital world

In the end, your success is our success.

This includes providing:

Proven impact – our clients experience accelerated planned revenue, higher customer retention and conversion rates, and much more
Flexible solutions, a user-friendly crowdtesting platform, and internal experts
In-house quality assurance alongside continual improvement
Personal communication and involvement

Innovation power

Creating outstanding software products often requires truly innovative thinking. Testing is no different. With ever-changing technologies, user needs, and expectations, we are in a constant state of having to evolve and renew. But this is a good thing and it’s why we’re truly open to new ideas that challenge and drive innovation – yours, and ours.

For you to deliver digital products that your customer will love, means always pushing the boundaries of what is current and possible – to stay a step ahead – and because of this, we also innovate to deliver the market’s best testing solutions so they can support you in creating innovative digital products and experiences that have real impact.

At Testbirds, innovation means constantly:

Collecting insights from our real-world testers – so you can see through their eyes and better anticipate their needs
Exploring and creating new testing opportunities
Adapting to our ever-evolving digital world
Being change-ready to meet your latest needs and requirements


Even when you have a quality digital product that’s truly innovative and meets every need of your customers, tomorrow always brings change. You need the flexibility to change with it, otherwise, your product will quickly become dated, if not redundant.

As you adapt to meet this challenge, we change with you. We also know that your business is different from everyone else’s and so are your solutions. This makes flexibility a priority in how we approach the development of our tailormade solutions. For best results, they must meet your needs and goals.

To consistently do this, we provide:

A highly flexible crowdtesting platform that enables us to deliver any kind of research or testing subject
Direct insights from real users on real devices so you can create products your customers want
A comprehensive portfolio of over 20 tailored services
Enough resources to handle any size project
Consultants with in-depth knowledge of your industry and target audience
New services that are specifically based on your requirements

Your benefits

Tailored solution suiting all testing needs
Certified experts and unbiased end consumers
Extensive consultation by experienced project managers
Flexible, fast ad hoc availability

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