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Payment Testing

Payment flows and processes can only be truly tested with real user transactions. Test your payment journeys with live bank accounts and real payment instruments to build customer trust and prevent revenue loss.

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Why test payments?

Payment is one of the most critical touchpoints in your customer journey. Your customers want to transact with their preferred payment method and expect your payment process to be seamless and secure. Whether point-of-sales (POS) systems, digital payment methods, or a combination of both, you need to test your payment flows in a live environment to ensure a trusted and validated payment journey for your customers – no matter where they transact from.

Test in both production and sandbox environments
Real payments made by real users from around the world
Reach a variety of real payment methods, banks and bank accounts, transaction types, and more
Ensure the security and accuracy of payment data, solutions, and connections
The Challenge

Ensuring seamless and secure payments – every time

A slow and cumbersome payment experience can frustrate customers and lead them to abandon their purchase. Worse still, this can erode your customer’s trust in your brand and negatively impact your conversions and bottom line.

This issue is exacerbated by the ever-growing range of payment instruments, from cash, credit cards and bank transfers to online, crypto, and local payment methods.

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No longer is your sandbox and in-house testing with dummy transactions or test cards enough to cover the wide spectrum of payment methods, open APIs, banking connections, or third-party apps and services that make up each and every payment. Not to mention the global nature of your customer transactions.

Ensuring your payment flows are seamless for every customer, every time, everywhere is more complex than ever, and requires payment testing at scale.


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The Solution

Test payments with real users, live accounts, and actual transactions

Not only do customers want fast payments, but they expect different payment options too – whether for convenience, cashback, or credit card points.

With our end-to-end payment testing, you can test both online and offline payment methods with real users using their own payment cards and real money from real accounts. Due to the global reach of our Crowd, we can even test regional or local payment methods in places you cannot yet reach.

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No matter if you’re a payment network, merchant, issuer, account information service (AIS) or payment initiation service (PIS) provider, we can evaluate and validate your payment flows, connections, and integrations with bulk transactions, live sessions, or simply a test case fully customized to your specific requirements.

With payments a vital component of the entire customer journey, it needs to be tested alongside other parts of the checkout process, such as shipping, delivery, refunds and returns. When you test your payments process with us, you can also leverage our Crowd’s experience with the entire customer journey to optimize your brand’s overall customer experience.

Providing a seamless and secure payments experience will drive conversions, improve your customer experience, and grow your revenue.

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Addons Retesting
Add-on: Retesting

Ensure specific bug fixes in your payment journey are resolved

As a supplementary service to payment testing, retesting allows you to systematically validate fixes for hidden bugs uncovered by our crowdtesters during exploration of your payment flows or processes.

While regression testing involves verifying that new code changes have not negatively impacted existing functionalities, retesting focuses specifically on confirming that previously identified defects have been fixed. For more on regression testing, click here.

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What is Payment Testing?

Payment Testing is the evaluation and validation of payment flows and processes to uncover any bugs or issues that may lead to an abandoned transaction or worse, a loss of trust in your brand.

The payment journey can be the most pivotal part of the customer experience, yet it is often the most neglected. If the preferred payment method is not available, the payment process cumbersome, or the entire payment journey too slow, customers will abandon their purchase and transact with your competitor instead.

This is why end-to-end payment testing in a live environment with real users making real transactions is critical to rigorously evaluate and validate the security, accuracy, and speed of your payment method on any device and for any location.

What is open banking?

Open banking is the digital sharing of financial information with third parties via an application programming interface (API) that is secured according to the Payment Services Directive (PSD2) regulations. For banks and other financial institutions, specifically in the EU, this is mandatory. If a customer gives ‘explicit consent’ for the data to be shared, their financial institution must share it.

For licensed third-party service providers, this means they can (using the API) develop financial services and applications utilizing the financial data of a bank’s customer.

What is AIS and PIS?

Account information service (AIS) brings together a customer’s accounts across multiple providers and delivers the information from within a single interface.

Payment initiation service (PIS) commences payments from a single access point, using any account of the customers for payment. Payments are confirmed using Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

Both AIS and PIS handle the customer consent required to access open banking data.

Open banking and the technologies that are driving it are highly disruptive, resulting in a range of operational changes and new systems being quickly incorporated alongside legacy solutions.

Banks are shifting from a siloed approach to one that is far more open, all while trying to develop open banking solutions that keep them ahead of the competition. Testing is vital to ensure any open banking solution works as intended, such as whether consent, AIS, PIS, and fund confirmation are validated.

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Every sector has its own specific testing needs. Therefore a target-oriented strategy is necessary, which is individually tailored to your requirements and test object.

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