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Project Consulting

Need to test your digital product, but unsure how? Work with us on a bespoke testing strategy, as we support you through every stage of the development cycle.

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How we support you

Advantages of Project Consulting

We’ll find the right quality assurance and test strategy for you – be it for your first wireframes, non-clickable or clickable prototypes, or your finished marketable product.

Develop testing strategies suited to your needs with our testing experts
Use early feedback on test projects in each development phase
Integration of the tests into the development lifecycle
Get direct advice from experienced testing consultants
The Challenge

You need to test but don’t know how

You’re good at planning and developing your digital product and you know that product testing is a decisive part of your development. But you have no idea what you should test, or when, or how, or with whom.

There are a lot of solutions in the world of user testing – such as regression testing, unit testing, UX studies, or bug tests. But which one is suitable for your product development process and how can testing be integrated into your development life cycle? Those are all questions that are difficult to answer when you’re not a testing expert.

The Solution

Individual expert advice

Thanks to our experience through several hundred projects with clients from all sectors, we know the challenges of testing apps, websites, Internet-of-Things devices, and much more.

We’d be happy to assist you if you’re looking to develop or launch a digital product. Our in-house consultants are available through on-site or remote meetings, supporting you with individual consulting services.

These range from complete test consulting for the development of a project, including selection of test types and the test design, to the coordination, communication, and tracking of results for all project stakeholders.

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Would you like to have more information on how we can help you make your digital products even better? Just send us a message, one of our solution consultants will be happy to get in touch with you.

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What is Project Consulting?

A well-defined test strategy is a decisive factor for the success of digital products. With Project Consulting, our experienced project managers work with you on your test strategy through individual consulting. In close collaboration with your team, we’ll find the ideal test strategy suited to your individual needs.

As the development of such a strategy requires a high level of expertise, we’re happy to support you with our expert knowledge, gathered over several years in the field of crowdtesting. Our experts know about the latest trends and the dos and don’ts of testing digital products. They ensure a smooth integration in your product development and serve you as business consultants. They will make sure that your test strategy is adapted to your existing internal processes and includes all possibilities that current test methods offer.

Project Consulting is suitable for both existing products and new products. We’ll find the right quality assurance and test strategy for you – be it for your first wireframes, non-clickable or clickable prototypes, or your finished marketable product.

Real-world testing

How it looks in practice

Deutsche Telekom planned to launch a new version of the TV product Entertain on the market. The challenge was to create a modern platform for both live and on-demand video streaming. The platform was intended to be easily accessible for the elderly, who watch TV in a traditional, linear manner, as well as younger people, who stream content on smartphones and tablets.

To satisfy these conditions, the telecommunication company needed a crowd with extensive TV knowledge who would test the various stages – alongside the development process – in real-world conditions. Testbirds developed a testing concept and advised Deutsche Telekom on the selection of testers, the use cases, and the test scope.

In addition, Testbirds supported the continuous optimization of test design during the development process.

Our other services

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Every sector has its own specific testing needs. Therefore a target-oriented strategy is necessary, which is individually tailored to the client, his requirements, and the test object.


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We provide you with the latest insights from the world of crowdtesting

Stop guessing if your product meets the expectations of your users and start making decisions based on facts.

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Stop guessing, start testing


Real user insights that perfectly match your target group.

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Credit-based pricing: Full budget control with our own flexible currency – BirdCoins.

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We provide fair working conditions for our testers (Code of Conduct).


UX & QA crowdtesting services for all industries and use cases.

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