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At Testbirds we love to share our knowledge, get others to share theirs, and help you develop the best, most user-friendly, products possible. Through our webinars and videos, we aim to provide insights that not only help you build a better digital world but that stimulates, encourages, and gets you thinking.

Digital Thinkers Forum Webinars

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Upcoming Webinars

April 18 | 12:00

Your target group speaks - listen! Crowdtesting for successful marketing (DE)

April 24 | 16:30

The Race to The White House: Learnings from the most advanced and innovative marketing campaigns

May 15 | 13:00

Lunch & Learn - The Art of Market Research

Digital Thinkers Forum

The Digital Thinkers Forum brings together leading minds from the digital world to share their expert insights into the latest digital trends, challenges, and opportunities.

Digital Thinkers Forum
The Future of Digital Customer Experience
Digital Thinkers Forum
Customers the Day After Tomorrow
Digital Thinkers Forum
CX - Lessons Learned From Superheroes
Digital Thinkers Forum
Innovate Faster, Communicate Smarter

Lunch & Learn Marketing Services

Welcome to the Lunch & Learn series were we introduce our latest suite of services designed for marketing teams. Join us for a six-part series where we delve into the world of digital Crowdtesting and explore how it can elevate your marketing strategies.

Logo Testing Unveiled

Recent Webinars

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Digital Thinkers Forum – “CX – Lessons Learned From Superheroes”


Webinar: UX/CX – Finding and Keeping the Holy Grail of Retailers/Etailers


Digital Thinkers Forum | Keynote Highlights & Panel Discussion


Webinar: Holistic user interface and sensor validation for smart products


Webinar: Adding the Human Factor – Crowdtesting in Agile Development


Webinar: The Next Level of Game Testing: Future-Proofing

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