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Crowdtesting for Digital Product Teams

Get a true understanding of your customers’ needs and develop user-centric products they’ll love to use.

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How can Testbirds help your Digital Product teams?

Product teams are under increasing pressure to develop digital products that meet their customers’ ever-growing expectations within shorter development cycles.

By leveraging crowdtesting, your digital product teams can gain real user insights into the user experience, identify potential bugs, and ensure seamless functionality across different real-world scenarios and devices. Crowdtesting offers an efficient and agile way to evaluate your product’s performance.

Going beyond conventional testing methods, crowdtesting enables your digital product teams to improve their customer focus, iterate quickly, and ultimately deliver digital products that stand out from the crowd.

Select your exact target users from our diverse community
Test at every stage, from prototype to post-launch
Get real user insights for quick and iterative product optimization
Develop products used by your target customers

Our Digital Product Services

Usability Testing

Developing digital products that are not only functional but also user-friendly can be a challenge for many digital product teams.

You need to understand your users’ expectations, yet obtaining unbiased customer feedback is frequently hindered by cost and time constraints.

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Competitor Analysis

The digital landscape is growing ever more crowded with new digital products, platforms, and solutions being launched every day.

Staying ahead of your competition will remain a key challenge your digital product teams must tackle. Understanding what your competitors are doing, how their products are performing, has become essential for maintaining a competitive edge.

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Prototype Evaluation

Delivering a user-friendly product starts with developing a prototype that effectively meets your users’ preferences. Getting your prototype wrong can be costly and time-consuming.

Investing in a Prototype Evaluation will provide your digital product teams with initial feedback on design, usability, and overall UX directly from your target users.

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Customer Journey Testing

Digital products are getting more complex every day and are involved with almost every customer interaction. While there are several steps, layers, and systems, your end user will see everything as one.

If one part isn’t working properly it will have a negative impact on your entire product – not only on the one sub-system that produced the issue.

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