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Crowd Surveys

Survey your users, gather valuable insights and make informed decisions in your product’s development.

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Advantages of Crowd Surveys

Get an overview of your customers’ thoughts and evaluate new product ideas with qualitative Crowd Surveys. With flexible setups to gather quick and concise feedback or conduct large-scale extensive research, you will receive rapid results allowing you to quickly adapt product development according to user needs.

Quick quantitative feedback
Gain customer insights for informed decisions
Reach a variety of users, devices, languages, and more
Flexible survey setup according to your needs
The Challenge

Discover what your customers truly want, now

For your product to be successful, it must meet the needs of your customers. Not fully understanding your customers’ motivations and desires can easily derail your product development, fast. Yet waiting for your customers’ feedback is impossible in today’s rapid development cycles.

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Even if you do seek customer feedback, it can come with many challenges – from sourcing the right participants to ensuring they are from a variety of target groups, have a sufficient range of devices, or are fluent in your required languages. Reaching a large number of participants quickly and efficiently is yet another challenge. Gathering a large volume of responses and quantifying user opinions into actionable insights might require another team altogether.

Other research methods can be viable options but will likely be slower and less flexible. This would not be suitable for the development of a prototype, for example, where time and money are rare commodities.

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The Solution

Give your customers what they really want

Whether you need simple, quick, and unbiased feedback or wish to conduct larger-scale and more extensive market research, Crowd Surveys give you exclusive access to precise audiences and target groups from our global Crowd of active users and experienced testers.

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From users with a certain type of device to people who speak a particular language, you can poll precise demographics and receive honest and unbiased real-world qualitative feedback in a matter of days. You can access these in-depth survey results directly from your Nest account, with a range of data visualization available for your own internal analysis.

Evaluate new ideas and prototypes, check on the status of your product’s development, or simply gather statistics and insights on a topic of your choice. Easily and efficiently with Crowd Surveys.

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What are Crowd Surveys?

A survey tool in our Nest, Crowd Surveys enable our clients to gather opinions and feedback from real people who accurately mirror their actual customers. Crowd Surveys can be used at any stage of the development process, allowing you to incorporate valuable qualitative feedback from a significant sample size of real users and adapt your product development according to your users’ needs.

Crowd Surveys can also be used to gain insights into different markets or specific target groups and analyze the latest trends within these markets.

Why are Crowd Surveys better than Google Surveys or SurveyMonkey?

Compared to free(mium) platforms such as Google Surveys and SurveyMonkey, Crowd Surveys allow our clients to poll specific demographics without the need to source their own participants, let alone the right target group. You can leverage one of the biggest and most diverse global community of real, active users – our Crowd. Of course, you can Bring-Your-Own-Crowd™ and add your preferred participants to the pool of survey recipients.

Crowd Surveys complement our portfolio of crowdtesting services and is the latest addition to our one-stop shop, also known as our Nest, for companies seeking to optimize their digital user experiences and customer journeys.

Companies can now test their digital products or services and gather quick quantitative feedback from real users in a single place. This provides our clients with much deeper and more holistic insights that would not be possible on other testing or survey platforms.

Why are Crowd Surveys better than hiring a market research firm?

While a market research firm maintains their own panels, Crowd Surveys are more flexible and cost-efficient. We source for the right participants and precise target groups from our Crowd, while you can monitor survey responses ‘live’ in the Nest and retain full access to your survey questions, set-up, raw data, and results.

With a flexible and on-demand service like Crowd Surveys, skip the red tape of engaging a third-party firm, keep your product timeline on track, and easily finetune your product at any stage of the development process to truly cater to your users’ needs.

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