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Software testing in its full capacity

Every industry has its own testing challenges. Especially when it comes to ensuring the quality of their unique digital products. This is why Testbirds collaborates with an extensive range of clients from a variety of industrial branches to support them when optimizing their software and digital products.

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Adding Value

Industry specific solutions

Because of their differences, every sector has its own testing needs. Therefore, a target-oriented strategy is necessary, which is individually tailored to the client, their specific requirements, and the test object.

Owing to the large amount of testing projects conducted over the years, Testbirds has acquired extensive knowledge in diverse industrial branches. Our clients range from small family businesses and start-ups to international corporate groups. Whether you run a mail-order business, manufacture tools, or sell financial services, Testbirds can take the quality of your digital product to the next level.

Industry Sectors

Which industry are you in?

Run functional or usability testing on digital products within any industry and for any purpose.


Smartphone integration, WiFi, IoT connectivity, autonomous driving, sensors for nearly everything, printed circuit boards. As consumers expect ever smarter cars, the automotive industry is rapidly changing to meet the demand.

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

As QA, UX, and data security increasingly offer key competitive advantages, the banking and finance industry is rapidly taking advantage.

Broadcasting & Media

Streaming, increased competition, diverse global audiences, and a constant demand for high-quality services and content are significantly challenging broadcasters and media companies.


The telco industry needs to optimize the user experience, enhance the customer journey, and provide faultless customer services. A crucial success factor as the business depends heavily on digital sales channels.

Retail & E-Commerce

Truly knowing your customers and giving them a positive experience is proving to be better for business than simply providing some nice looking products – especially for those wanting to stay ahead of the competition.


As smart technologies and Internet connectivity becomes more integrated into everyday objects, the manufacturing industry is having to rapidly change. Ensuring that products deliver outstanding UX and are stable, reliable, and user-friendly can give you the decisive edge.


Today’s gaming industry boasts an active player base of over 2.7 billion people. It is huge business and it is constantly growing and evolving. New target groups, always-on connectivity, and security across multiple devices. If you’re not ready, it could be game over.

Energy and Utilities

With changing consumer expectations, new technologies and regulations, energy and utility providers need to stand apart from the competition with innovative, agile, and ever-greener solutions.

Use Cases

We test real objects in a real world

Perform functional testing & usability tests across all of your digital products. If software is running – we test & optimise it.

Websites & Online Shops
Mobile Apps
IoT & Smart Devices
Wearables & Smart Clothing
Games, VR & AR
Chatbots & Assistants
Business Applications
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Do you have questions about our industry specific approach?

Would you like to have more information on how we can help you make your digital products even better? Just send us a message, one of our industry solution consultants will be happy to get in touch with you.

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