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Crowdtesting in the manufacturing industry

Smart home, voice control, and the connectivity between online and offline – the manufacturing industry is in the midst of a fundamental change. Only with flawless products and outstanding UX can you survive in the market. Crowdtesting gives you the decisive edge.


The biggest “pains” in the manufacturing industry

Connectivity between different devices is the crux of the manufacturing market. Whether it’s a robot vacuum cleaner, smart refrigerator, or intelligent kitchen appliance – without a functioning connection to the internet and, if necessary, an app, they can’t develop their full potential and will end up no longer being “smart” but merely an ordinary household aid.

Are you thinking about voice control for your digital product via Alexa, Siri or other intelligent assistants? If so, it is essential that you pay close attention to ensuring that the control system integrates as naturally as possible into the language used by your users and doesn’t require a complicated sequence of defined terms to achieve its goal. Learn more about our Chatbot Testing Services.

Finally, it’s also important to take users’ security concerns seriously. The topic of data protection is becoming the focus of public attention. Here, of course, it’s important that you take appropriate protective measures. But how your end users receive them is as crucial. Does the environment of your digital product convey security and trustworthiness? Bugs and errors within your digital solutions can very quickly lead to a loss of trust among your users.

How we support you

Three hands-on examples


Real user testing for flawless connectivity

Different devices, various software versions, a variety of internet providers with diverse broadband speeds. These are all factors that affect the interaction and usability of your digital products. And all of these are also factors that are difficult to replicate in a virtual environment. That’s why we rely on tests with real users under real conditions. Learn more about the advantages of crowdtesting.


QA and UX – to avoid security concerns

Security concerns are one of the biggest inhibitors to using smart devices. Errors and bugs can quickly destroy trust in your product and prevent the success of your solutions. User experience is also a key contributor to whether or not your potential customers perceive your product as trustworthy. With crowdtesting, you can not only uncover bugs, but also gain insight into the thoughts of your users. The perfect combination of QA and UX: Our BugAbility Service.


Numbers, data, facts – Open compatibility is what users want

Before entering the world of smart home gadgets, you should be aware of one simple fact: There are manufacturers whose smart home components do not cooperate, or have limited compatibility, with those of other manufacturers, and there are those who rely on a multi-compatible control via app or browser. In fact, the latter is at the top of the wish list of those we surveyed. Furthermore, your customers want devices that are easy to operate and install.

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