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It’s possible to eliminate bugs and enhance the usability of your digital product – at the same time. Combine QA and UX testing with BugAbility™ and get the best of both worlds today.

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Advantages of BugAbility™

With a BugAbility™ test we can help you get rid of bugs and malfunctions while having users evaluate the usability and user experience of your website, app, or any other digital product – this service combines both QA (Quality Assurance) and UX (User Experience) testing in a perfect way.

Combine bug tests with usability feedback from your end-users
Make sure your digital product is perfectly user-centered
Save costs and time by merging QA and UX feedback
Exclusive service offered by Testbirds
The Challenge

Do I have high-quality software?

Are my customers able to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily? Does the logout process run without errors on all Android devices? How does my software interact with the interfaces of Internet of Things applications and products?

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When it comes to software development and software quality assurance and usability, there are many challenges to overcome. Users’ expectations are extremely high; therefore, functionality and user-friendliness need to be on par. Due to limited resources, time pressures, and the enormous fragmentation of devices, it’s often difficult to ensure a high quality for your software.

As an additional challenge, developers and even UX professionals often suffer from operational blindness during the testing process. That’s why proper UX research with your real end-users is so highly valued.

There’s nothing that can give you more details about user problems than actually watching real users interact with your digital product, and even being able to hear what they think or ask them additional questions.

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The Solution

The Crowd performs comprehensive tests for you

With the help of our international Crowd, you can have your software tested in real-world conditions and on an enormous range of diverse devices, operating systems, and software, ensuring that everything runs flawlessly while also being user-friendly.

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BugAbility™ offers you the best of both worlds of testing – QA and UX.

While the focus is on functional testing, the entire process is complemented by questions concerning usability. Our crowdtesters search for bugs and defects even in the most remote corners of your software.

Thanks to over 65 demographic criteria, we’re able to select the exact testers that match your target group. This way, you’re able to receive feedback about user-friendliness from your potential end customers.

BugAbility™ is especially suitable as a final quality check before your product goes live. Of course, this testing service can be combined with our other services such as Customer Journey Testing or Localization Testing.

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What is BugAbility™?

Our Testbirds Exclusives service BugAbility™ combines QA (Quality Assurance) and UX (User Experience) testing in a perfect way.

In the quality assurance testing part, our crowdtesters check your digital products for bugs and malfunctions. Software QA testers can conduct this test in either an exploratory or structured manner.

The other part of this custom service concentrates on the user experience design. Have users evaluate usability and user experience, letting you observe how real users interact with your website, app, or any other digital product. With usability testing you get direct feedback from your end-users by just watching them or by letting them explain what they do, why they do it, and what they think while completing a given task.

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Stop guessing if your product meets the expectations of your users and start making decisions based on facts.

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Stop guessing, start testing


Real user insights that perfectly match your target group.

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Credit-based pricing: Full budget control with our own flexible currency – BirdCoins.

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