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Testing chatbots and virtual assistants

Optimize the capabilities and usability of your chatbot or virtual or language assistant with the help of crowdtesting.

How we support you

How can Testbirds support you in optimizing your chatbots and virtual assistants?

Assistance in determining the functionality of a bot or assistant with specific surveys
Provision of test results that can be used for further language training
Comprehensive language ability testing in real-world conditions
Individual test design – adapted exactly to your test requirements
The Challenge

Applications that process natural language are in vogue

Along with the rapid spread of voice processing applications, users’ expectations of these technologies are growing.

Information must be delivered correctly, securely, and quickly, and the interaction should feel as intuitive and natural as possible. A specific challenge is the many different rules for language – not to forget accents and regional differences.

While language training can be done partially automated with the aid of machine learning, optimizing such applications requires manual training.

The Solution

New applications require continuous optimization

Unfortunately, the technology used in this area is still in its infancy. In order to continuously improve the quality of your chatbot or voice assistant, we recommend collecting training data and iteratively testing your chatbot.

Regular user tests ensure that data comes from real native speakers from our Crowd and is always processed by the latest version of the application. They also provide an indication of the progress of the application as a whole as well as in each category over time.

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Test Objects

The types of chatbots and virtual assistants we test

Virtual assistants as customer service
Digital assistants as ordering systems
Language assistants as daily helpers

Our recommendations for chatbot testing

We offer a wide range of solutions to make your digital channels perform as you planned.

Chatbot & Virtual Assistant Testing

Our comprehensive language test for your chatbot, language assistant, or conversational AI. Use our Crowd to test and optimize the capabilities of your application in real-world conditions.

Localization Testing

Test your applications with your target audience using the help of the Crowd. Localization testing can ensure your chatbots are perfectly understood by their intended audience.

Usability and
UX Test

Ease of use is the key to success: Use the Crowd to gather feedback on the usability of your chatbot or language assistant.

Moderated User Sessions

Unfiltered insights into users’ thoughts while testing your bots? Moderated User Sessions make it possible.

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