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Combine your existing test methodologies with fast, flexible, and remote crowdtesting at scale and receive holistic insights that will help optimize your digital products today.

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Embrace a customer-centric approach to testing

From in-house testing to engaging UX agencies, conventional testing methods can provide valuable data into customer behaviour and preferences.

However, these testing methods often lack direct involvement from real customers, limiting their ability to capture real user feedback. Gaining a deeper understanding of your customers’ evolving expectations requires you to incorporate customer-centric testing methods.

Combine Software Testing Methodologies

How Crowdtesting can enhance your current test set-up

Crowdtesting and UX Agencies

UX Agencies (Frog, Method, etc.)

UX agencies tend to have more specialized knowledge around usability and user research. They possess expertise in designing digital solutions that align with user needs, with intuitive and engaging interfaces.

However, the scope of UX agencies’ expertise is focused on specific areas of user experience. In contrast, crowdtesting is able to deliver a more holistic testing service that incorporates multiple testing scenarios and a broader group of diverse testers.


How crowdtesting can work alongside UX agencies

While UX agencies offer targeted insights, testing with a crowd of real users allows you to uncover a wide range of potential issues and opportunities for improving your digital products.

By combining crowdtesting’s real user insights with the tailored expertise of UX agencies, you can create digital products that align with customer preferences and address unforeseen pain points.

This ensures a more holistic approach to optimizing digital products, ultimately leading to more effective and user-centric solutions.

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Crowdtesting and Digital Experience Analytics Platforms

Digital Experience Analytics Platforms (Contentsquare, Hotjar, etc.)

Digital experience analytics platforms analyze websites and provide insights into how a user interacts with a site.

However, these platforms can be limiting when considering the overall user experience. While they provide quantitative data on user interactions, they may miss the qualitative aspects that underlie real user preferences and frustrations.

How crowdtesting can work alongside these platforms

Not only does crowdtesting offer some of the quantitative data akin to digital experience analytics platforms, but also introduces a range of qualitative feedback through different testing scenarios. For example, usability tests allow real users to directly share their experiences with your website, shedding light on different issues and hidden opportunities.

Crowdtesting bridges the gap between quantitative and qualitative insights, capturing not only what your users do on your website but also why they do it and how it impacts their customer satisfaction.

By leveraging the precise data of digital experience analytics platforms and real user insights from crowdtesting, you can accurately identify issues, enhance your user experience, and develop products truly loved by your customers.

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Crowdtesting and In-House Testing

In-House Testing

In-house testing is a well-established and proven method where internal teams carry out QA testing. This approach helps keep your proprietary solutions under cover until release. In-house testing is done by your employees who are often specialized in their field and have very in-depth knowledge of your solutions. But it can be very costly and time-consuming to set up a good internal testing team.

This also means dealing with those ongoing costs, including having to source your own devices and software solutions to do the testing. However, when testing in your lab, you can put more controls in place and create test cases that fit extremely specific scenarios and needs.

How crowdtesting can enhance in-house testing

While your in-house team focuses on intricate details, crowdtesting provides fresh perspectives. Real external users see your product with fresh eyes and zero bias, which helps ensure a better overall experience for your customers and greater quality for the product.

By leveraging real external testers, you can expand your testing capacity without the logistical challenges of setting up an in-house test lab. This eliminates the need for travel and recruitment, saving you both valuable time and resources.

Adding crowdtesting to your current set-up can enrich your testing process, enhance your customer-centricity, and optimize your digital products.

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Crowdtesting and Beta Testing

Beta Testing

There is one big similarity when it comes to beta testing and crowdtesting: both put products directly in the hands of real users to see how the product works in real-world conditions.

Both enable developers to see how their product is used and to discover actionable insights from a larger group than can be used in-house. There are, however, differences.

Beta testing is very localized in its scope, typically runs for two or more weeks, and places a larger focus on the customer’s experience with the product.

How crowdtesting can improve beta testing

Crowdtesting, on the other hand, can exponentially expand where a product is tested and involve more diverse testers and devices. Crowdtesting tends to focus on a specific area of the product and the testing time is much shorter, producing quicker results.

Specific areas of crowdtesting, such as UX Testing and Customer Journey Testing are also taking a more in-depth look at the user experience.

When used together, beta testing and crowdtesting can provide a truly holistic view of the customer experience.

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Crowdtesting and Test Automation

Test Automation

When it comes to speed and accuracy, test automation is years ahead of manual testing. It is a much relied-upon solution that is ideal for quickly dealing with repetitive test case executions and finding bugs and vulnerabilities. It can be substantially less costly than manual testing.

While they require careful planning, they can only cover so much because they’re focused on checking and re-checking code changes. Its benefit is being able to do these tasks without a break and without ‘human’ errors.

But what it does lack is that human element.

How crowdtesting can be a partner for test automation

That makes crowdtesting an important partner for automation testing – specifically because it places real users into the product’s development. In fact, crowdtesting can also include employees, partners, vendors, and even existing customers into the software testing process.

Imagine the feedback they can provide.

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Crowdtesting and Market Research

Traditional Market Research (Nielsen, GfK, Kantar, etc.)

We all know that data is vital if you want to create a product that people love. From ideation to realization, input from multiple areas can make a huge impact.

Traditional market research (TMR) firms gather data through interviews, surveys, and focus groups. But mostly to gain answers to a specific set of questions, often in large groups, and usually in a one-off situation.

Finding people, setting up locations, etc., can also incur larger costs and take a considerable amount of time. In many ways it is a rigid way of testing that cannot easily change what is tested or who is doing the research.

How crowdtesting can add to traditional market research

This is where crowdtesting surpasses TMR, with its greater flexibility in terms of tester recruitment, costs, and scope.

Crowdtesting via online platforms can add to traditional research by providing testing in real-world situations and being more flexible in what testers can look for and test – in far less time.

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Testing your digital product with our crowd of real users, alongside your existing testing set-up, can provide you with a more holistic view of your product’s experience, usability, and overall quality.

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