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Crowdtesting for QA Teams

Build and launch bug-free and high-quality digital products more efficiently without straining your QA resources.

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How can Testbirds help you optimize your QA team's output?

With tight deadlines, constant testing, and aggressive competition, your quality assurance (QA) teams are under intense pressure to deliver bug-free digital products that meet the needs of your target users.

By crowdtesting your digital products with real users throughout the development lifecycle, your QA teams can improve your digital product’s functionality in an efficient and timely manner, while also freeing up their time and resources for further innovation and collaboration.

Select your exact target users from our diverse community
Expand your testing beyond QA with usability tests to guarantee a seamless experience
Get real user insights for continuous bug fixes and updates
Develop bug-free and high-quality products loved by your target users

Our QA Services

Exploratory Testing

QA teams often face the challenge of uncovering hidden bugs in digital products, with traditional testing methods overlooking outlier bugs that emerge in real-world scenarios.

Further, the rigid structure of conventional testing approaches, such as in-house or automated testing, may not fully simulate the diverse ways real users interact with your digital product, limiting the scope of bug discovery.

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Structured Testing

Ensuring thorough testing of each functionality and core feature within your digital product is an increasingly significant challenge for your QA teams.

Traditional QA testing methods may encounter difficulties in breaking down the entire testing process into manageable steps, leading to potential oversights and incomplete evaluations.

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Localization Testing

Taking your digital product global requires careful attention to factors such as orthography, expressions, and special characters across diverse local markets.

Ensuring that your product looks and feels tailored for local audiences is critical.

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Regression Testing

Ensuring that bug fixes or new updates do not introduce new errors is a complex task.

A comprehensive approach to post-development testing is needed to safeguard the overall integrity of your digital product or software.

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