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Crowdtesting in the broadcasting and media industry

Increased viewer numbers, global audiences, and high demand for quality – these are only a few things broadcasters and media companies must deal with these days.

A man uses Testbirds services in the broadcasting industry

The biggest “pains” in the broadcasting and media industry

The times where it was enough to show a big football match or a Hollywood movie and rely on families gathering around the TV are surely over. People are not only used to deciding when and where to watch sports events, movies, and series, but even expect to have control of the delivery of their entertainment. Especially when we talk about sports events, mobility is key. Watching and sharing experiences of both live and pre-recorded events on the go is now a mandatory requirement.

Also, the audience is growing rapidly. Just take the Super Bowl as an example. It used to be a truly American sport but during the last five years the audience has expanded and people from all over the world want to watch it live – even if that means staying awake the whole night.

As mentioned above, streaming quality is highly important to broadcasting & VOD companies. The ability to deliver the highest quality resolution, to make sure that you can see every goal, every knock-out punch, or the best TV highlights, is paramount in the customer’s mind.

At the same time, new competitors are entering the market. Disney+ just launched in November 2019 and Amazon and Facebook are also competing with traditional broadcasters. As the market gets more competitive, user experience (UX) is becoming more important (besides having the right content and broadcasting rights). Users want to find what they’re looking for easily and they don’t want to experience usability issues along their way. Therefore, your platform must be easy to use and entertaining, so people actually enjoy interacting with it.

Finally, it is of high importance that your offer runs smoothly and with the highest possible quality throughout the entire user journey. Signing up, watching the content, and completing payment – everything has to run smoothly if you don’t want to lose customers to your competition. The options on the market seem endless. That’s why you need to stand out of the crowd with your digital product.


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How we support you

Three hands-on examples


Get ready for big events

Big sports events like the UEFA Euro and the Olympics have been postponed to 2021 – now people are looking forward even more to watching the games and cheering for their favorite team or athlete.

With Load and Performance Testing we support you in ensuring that your platform is ready to handle the increased volume. Other than just simulating the load with a lot of touchpoints, we load a large quantity of testers onto the platform all at once and let them check for bugs and performance issues.


Perfect experience – anywhere

Globalization is a great opportunity – as long as you’re able to use it to your advantage.

In Localization Testing, our Crowd ensures that your platform works perfectly everywhere around the globe and that your translations are understandable and on point.


High quality on every device

People watch your content on a lot of different devices. Smart TVs, laptops, tablets, smartphones – all of them with different software, operating systems, and versions, at home and on the road.

Let our Crowd test your offer on every device combination and in different places with one of our many QA tests.


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