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Usability Testing

Whether moderated, unmoderated or quantitative testing, we can customize usability testing to your specific requirements, so you can truly optimize your digital products with real user insights.

Our Solutions Test Features

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Real-world usability feedback

Gain real actionable insights from your target group by seeing how they use your product. Detailed feedback delivered well.

Testing whenever, wherever

A variety of users all over the world, right at your desk. Time- and cost-effective remote testing.

Projects adapted to your needs

Flexible project setup according to your requirements. Made for you, managed by us.

Business Outcomes

Improved customer experience

How you make each customer feel and what you bring to their lives defines their experience with your company and brand. Customers really care about their experience.

While you think you know what they want, often this isn’t the case at all. But it can be.

The customer experience is everything and getting it right is good for business.

It was found that usability testing with 5 users would find around 85% of the problems in an interface.
88% of users are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.
Errors found early in the product development process are 10 times cheaper to fix than in the latter phases.
The right test for your users

Our Usability Testing Solutions

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Usability & UX Test

Operational blindness could be preventing you from having an objective perspective, and rarely are the requirements of end-users conveniently evident. Therefore, a continuous comparison between your digital product and your end user’s expectations is necessary. However, this access to unbiased customer feedback is often cost-intensive and time-consuming.

With a Usability and UX Test, you can identify issues and strengths with your digital products efficiently and easily, with the aim of providing a better customer experience.

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Together with our experienced UX consultants, you’ll define the research goals and the test setup for your project.

We will support you with a solid testing plan, use cases, and the usability testing questions, all designed to make sure testers encounter the same problems that your users do. Tests happen in realistic conditions to ensure that they represent real user journeys.

After the test, our project managers gather and analyze your customer feedback, and advise you on how to optimize the UI and UX design of your mobile app, website, or digital product.

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Quantitative Usability Test

With a Quantitative Usability Test, you can make well-informed decisions based on UX research.

Whether you have a costly re-design of your website, or simply comparing different designs of your app, you need to provide your stakeholders or senior management with reasons based on numbers, rather than assumptions, for starting a project and proving its return on investment.

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Quantitative Usability Tests are the only studies that help you put a number behind your UX design process. The quantitative test can be based on UX metrics on a given task like success rate or task-completion time, but can also give you insights into the testers’ perception of the usability of your digital product with the help of satisfaction ratings.

With crowdtesting, you can select the exact members of your target group and get real customer feedback from real users, paving the way to actual user-centered design (UCD), while taking user requirements into account.

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woman and man in a moderated usability test

Moderated User Sessions

The best user experience design is achieved by getting inside your user’s head. Moderated User Sessions let you do this while observing how testers interact with your product. This can take the form of a new idea of yours, a prototype, or an interactive version of your product.

Whether a user interview, concept validation, or moderated usability test, you can get real unbiased feedback from your users at any stage of the product development process.

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During a user interview, you can gather user opinions on new product ideas, or about their prior experience with an existing product of yours or your competitor’s. You can also ask follow-up questions at the end of the interview to truly understand your user’s perspective.

In a concept validation, you can put early prototypes to the test, and get quick feedback on their design or content. Guide your users through an interactive prototype, ask follow-up questions, or even present different variations of your prototype so you can find out the reasons behind their preferred version.

With a moderated usability test, testers navigate typical use cases on an interactive product, such as finding a specific item on your website. Your moderator can guide testers in real time and prompt them with individual follow-up questions. Watching them in real time lets you derive a detailed list of usability feedback to incorporate and usability problems to fix when working on your next release.

Improving your product earlier in the product development process has been found to be 10 times cheaper than during the latter phases.  Set up one or a combination of the above tests on your own or with our project managers and get immediate feedback that is actionable right away – without leaving your desk.

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Unmoderated Usability Test

It’s difficult to put yourself in your user’s shoes, but if you want truly user-centered products you need an unfiltered view of your user’s perspective.

Your target group performs various use cases while thinking aloud, giving you insights into what they think and why – direct feedback that helps you overcome operational blindness and build a better product.

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Detailed use cases prepared by our expert UX consultants oversee and support testers through your testing projects fully remotely, with a fast turnaround. Video recordings let you see every detail of the process and track every single move by testers as they test your product.

Rewatch important moments in the use of your product to see details you might have missed or find repeated behaviors in testing scenarios. A prioritized list of usability problems and video clips of issues give you all the information you need to optimize your digital products.

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Do you have questions about usability testing?

Would you like to have more information on how you can test with the Crowd and how we can help you make your digital products even better? Just send us a message, one of our solution consultants will be happy to get in touch with you.


Discover usability testing features

quantitative and quantitative feedback icons

Qualitative vs. quantitative

Qualitative testing lets you know what users think of your product, why they think that way, and where they encounter obstacles. Quantitative methods measure the UX of your product through numbers. Metrics such as satisfaction ratings, completion time, or completion rate help you answer questions like “How many?” or “How much?”.

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While qualitative data will help you figure out what your users think of your design, how well they understand the user flow, or why one call-to-action is better than the other, quantitative data will put this information into numbers. This way, you can make decisions based on statistically significant facts and measurements.

Usability feedback will let you know what you need to change, and the metrics of that give you the much-needed proof that design changes are necessary – so you can convince decision makers to develop digital products with a truly user-centered design.

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Moderated vs. unmoderated

In moderated tests, there’s a researcher present in person or remotely, while users complete use cases on their own during unmoderated tests.

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In moderated tests, the researcher introduces the test to the participants, answers questions, and can help testers when stuck or prompt them to think aloud. This direct interaction leads to in-depth insights – but of course, makes it more cost- and time-intensive.

In unmoderated tests, testers will mostly be performing the assigned tasks on their own and with their personal devices. That’s why the usability test script and a proper test scenario is crucial. This also means unmoderated tests are cheaper and sometimes quicker and more agile than moderated ones.

If you’re more interested in the reasons why users behave in a certain way then a moderated test might be suitable for you. If you want to test a very specific use case or observe natural behaviour patterns, an unmoderated test could be suitable.

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icons of person on screen and two people next to each other

Remote vs. in-person

Usability testing can either be done remotely, over the phone or the Internet, or in person, with the researcher being physically present with the tester. The social component of in-person testing shouldn’t be underestimated as researchers get the chance to observe and analyze body language and mannerisms of the testers. But of course, this is more time-consuming than meeting them remotely.

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The advantage of remote usability and UX tests definitely lies in the opportunity to have large numbers of testers involved from all over the world – with a significantly lower effort. Usually, getting feedback from your target group(s) might be difficult if your product is made for multiple regions or languages, but testing remotely allows you to query customers from around the world and ensure the usability of your product across all markets.

If you want a deeper understanding of potential usability issues you should consider an in-person setup, but if you prefer a broader set of results or need to test with a variety of target groups, a remote setup might be more appropriate.

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icons of a paper with text and video playback

Video vs. written feedback

For any project there will be differences in how feedback is optimally delivered. Depending on the nature of your test, you might want video feedback, written feedback, or both. Video feedback has stronger visual components for observing user behavior, while written feedback allows more detailed descriptions of thoughts and opinions.

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The best choice of feedback will vary between testing projects. If you’re looking to discover usability problems and see how users behave when navigating your product, video feedback allows you to observe the tester and easily reference specific issues that occur. On the other hand, written feedback will get you in-depth descriptions of the tester’s perception of your product or ratings that can be thoroughly explained.

Both forms of feedback complement each other very well and can favorably be combined for the best results, as you can see how testers use your product in their own way and also receive insights into how they feel about your product.

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