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Testing websites, online shops and portals

Optimize the digital experience for your customers when they visit your websites, e-commerce platforms, or web portals. A better user experience means better conversion rates and that means a higher ROI.

How we support you

How can Testbirds help you optimize your websites, online shops, and portals?

Test with over 1,000,000 testers and on over 1,500,000 devices
Individual test design – adapted exactly to your test requirements
High-quality standards and a client satisfaction rating of 9.2 out of 10
Functionality and usability tests
The Challenge

What makes a website or online shop successful?

Does the digital customer experience meet all usability criteria? Can visitors find their way around your website or are they annoyed by the navigation system and switch to a competitor’s instead? Does your website communicate your brand effectively or is the page unfocused and even confusing to your target group?

All details, such as headlines, colors, and text – regardless of their size – can impact its success. How is the usability of your web page? Is it effective, efficient, and able to satisfy users? Ease of use is essential. In a Forrester report titled ‘The Six Steps For Justifying Better UX’, they noted that, on average, every dollar spent on user experience (UX) design results in a return of $100, and that a well-designed UX could raise customer conversion rates to 400%. Testing can ensure your solutions are optimized and focused on usability.

The Solution

Providing a high product quality with quality assurance

Even when your site is well-designed and easy to use, there could be technical errors that can pose huge issues and affect online purchases, registrations, downloads, and more.

The broad spectrum of browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge, among others), their versions, and display sizes (such as smartphones, tablets, and desktops), can lead to issues such as graphical errors or animations that don’t function. It’s equally important to ensure that your website loads quickly.

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Test Objects

The types of websites we test

Online shops
Classic websites

Our recommendations for online shop testing

We offer a wide range of solutions to make your digital channels perform as you planned.

Usability and UX Test

Collect invaluable feedback on the usability of your website with the help of the Testbirds Crowd.

Exploratory Bug Testing

Our Crowd tests your website’s functionality – in real-world conditions and on their own devices.


Check the functionality of your website with the Crowd and get feedback on usability with our unique all-in-one service.

Moderated User Sessions

Want unfiltered insights into users’ thoughts while testing your apps? Moderated User Sessions make this possible.

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