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Testing platform, service levels, and pricing

Ready to start your crowdtesting journey? Find out about our testing platform, the various service levels that we offer, and our variable pricing structure.

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Your Advantages

Testing with the Nest

Easily run your crowdtests to optimize the QA and UX of your digital product.

Real world testing with over 600,000 available crowdtesters
High quality standards and a client satisfaction rating of 9.2 out of 10
Test on over 1,000,000 real devices from our end users – directly at your fingertips
Highest data security with testing environments completely developed by Testbirds and hosted in Germany
Our Test Application

Our testing platform – the Nest

Test websites, apps, or Internet of Things devices with the help of our innovative and dedicated testing platform. Whether you want Managed Service or Self-Service, the Nest gives you the opportunity to test your digital products quickly, comprehensively, and securely.

Flexibility and speed

Start your QA or UX crowdtest today

Anytime and anywhere – the Nest offers you full flexibility for your projects. Use BirdCoins, our credit-based system, to select the type of test you want to perform and get started. It’s easy.


Buy BirdCoins

BirdCoins are your currency in our flexible test environment. Set up a Nest account, log in, and buy them.


Select the
type of test

Select from 20+ different testing services in our Quality Assurance, Usability & UX, and Testbirds Exclusives categories.


Start testing

Our Crowd of 600,000+ digital experts immediately start working – and you get your results in real-time.

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testing platform, service levels, and pricing?

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Choose what fits you best

Our service levels

For our crowd-based testing methods we offer three tailored service levels depending on your testing needs. From all-inclusive care by our experts to complete self-service – you choose what fits you best.


For complete flexibility and independence. Use our testing platform and crowdtesters to set up and start your test, then monitor and analyze the results – whenever and wherever you want.

Self-Service Plus

An optimal blend of independence and support. Combining the flexibility of Self-Service with increased resources and coverage, you’ll still be in charge but Testbirds will create and set up your tests.

Managed Service

When you want maximum service that frees up your own resources. Our experienced project managers take control of your project and we setup, run, and evaluate the test for you. Once the tests are finished, you'll receive a dedicated final report with all results plus specific recommendations.

Self-Service Plus
Managed Service
Creation and setup of the test design
You, including a quality check by Testbirds
Device coverage per test
Combination of up to 3 devices/browsers
Available criteria for target group selection
Limitation of criteria for target group selection
Unlimited + qualification questions
Test execution
Communication with testers
Testbirds and/or you, if desired
Evaluation and analysis of results
Bug export to JIRA or Redmine
Manual or automated
Manual or automated
Manual or automated
How much is it?

Our flexible pricing

As with our testing solutions, we offer our customers a range of options when it comes to purchasing. This is why we created a special pricing model using our flexible testing currency, BirdCoins.

Once purchased, they can be spent as you want on our entire crowdtesting service portfolio, which is clustered into three distinct groups: Quality Assurance, Usability and UX, and Testbirds Exclusives.

BirdCoins let you reorganize tests for new requirements while they are running. You can spend them flexibly – whenever you want – which means you can quickly adapt to changing project plans or timelines. Depending on the complexity and effort required for a particular testing project, a certain number of BirdCoins per tester and testing device is required.

BirdCoins form a flexible subscription model that allows for full QA and UX test coverage. Once purchased, you can invest in over 20 different crowdtesting solutions across our service levels.

The minimum tester setup is 10 testers. However, while the recommended number of testers heavily depends upon the requirements of your digital products, we recommend that you use more than the minimum number of testers to increase the significance, and amount, of data that is generated.

One BirdCoin is equal to 22 Euro. However, we offer discounts the more BirdCoins you buy.

One of the simplest ways to buy BirdCoins is directly in the Nest. There is a button on the upper right corner of the crowdtesting dashboard where you can select between a one-off or recurring payment (on a monthly or yearly basis). Alternatively, you can contact us directly and we can guide you through the process. Our testing experts are happy to help and will provide an individual offer that fits your budget.

If you buy BirdCoins using our recurring plan (on a monthly or yearly basis), they are valid for the entire contract term. Once your contract ends, or if you cancel your contract, the BirdCoins expire at midnight on the last day of your contract term. If you buy BirdCoins without using a recurring plan, they are valid for 2 months.

When choosing Self-Service, the test setup is done by you, with a quality check from one of our Project Managers. Also, test management, communication with the testers, and result analysis are in your hands. You can specify up to 3 devices and choose 4 out of 14 demographic filters.

With Managed Service, everything from test setup and test management, communication with testers, and result analysis is done by our Project Managers. You have unlimited device coverage and can select all 65 available demographic filters. For more information, refer to our service levels above.

We accept payments by credit/debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro), direct invoicing, and PayPal. Please note that depending on your country, different payment methods may be also supported.

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