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Crowdtesting in the tele­communications industry

Multiple devices, subscriber churn, and even the need to spread across the globe – these are just some of the challenges facing the telecommunications industry today.

The Challenge Use Cases Crowdtesting

Testbirds expertise in the telecommunication industry
35.7% of respondents consider network coverage the most important factor when deciding on a mobile provider.
70% of respondents stated that customer experience is a deciding factor when choosing a telecoms brand.
Consumers who receive a great customer experience are willing to pay up to 8% more for their mobile plans.
The Challenge

Creating all the right connections

Increased competition from diverse providers (local and global), changing customer / subscriber expectations, high levels of churn, and new devices appearing every day, are significant challenges to the telecommunications industry. Creating solutions that make the most of 5G and fast internet access at home is non-negotiable. Everything must provide an outstanding customer experience, across devices, and wherever your customers go.

The challenge is in ensuring they work as they should in the real world. Every time. Not only to stay ahead of the competition but to keep customers happy, reduce churn, and build loyalty.

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Connectivity is now an integral part of many people’s lives. Both at home and at work. Digitalization is revolutionizing industries, especially telecommunications. This means perfecting the customer experience. Bugs, errors, crashes, a bad user interface, can all add up to them switching to another provider. And today, there are plenty to choose from.

Getting that right is just one challenge. Over-the-Top service providers are becoming increasingly competitive, as voice and text messaging loses ground to more internet-based forms of communication, including VoIP and cloud telephony. Then consider IPTV, the Internet of Things, and an ever-increasing range of digital entertainment devices. This is having a significant impact on revenues.

Not only have such digital solutions overtaken more traditional methods of communication, but they’re also giving consumers more choice and power. This means expectations are extremely high. The smallest error, whether a mis-translation, a non-functioning link, even incomplete advice from you chatbot, can cause a big issue.

Ensuring the digital quality of your solutions is essential. You need to connect every dot along the customer journey to get it right.

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The Solution

Make the right call with crowdtesting

Since 2011, we’ve tested digital solutions for multiple industries, including telecommunications. That’s why we’re certain that our proven crowdtesting services, such as Customer Journey Testing, can fit any need. If your solution is meant to run on multiple devices, our crowdtesters, who can be private and business clients, have access to over 1 million, and can test everything in real-world conditions from 193 countries.

Not only have they helped to optimize the digital cross-sell and up-sell offerings on our client’s portals, but they’ve provided our clients with the information they need to optimize their omnichannel customer service.


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Any device combination is possible, in any country you’re doing business. Whether you want to test everything throughout the production cycle or focus on usability, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you want to check your solution’s interface, its functionality, or compatibility, our carefully selected crowdtesters perfectly stand in for your actual customers. They can be sourced quickly and deliver fast feedback on every aspect of your digital solution throughout the product’s lifecycle. From the earliest design stages to each prototype phase – including sprints and releases – and up to the final launch of your digital product, they can test everything.

From localization issues to connectivity problems, performance concerns to evaluating subscription processes, accessibility, and much more. At every step of the customer journey, they can help ensure you can develop telecom products that your customers will love.

By stepping in as your customers, our crowdtesters provide unbiased and detailed feedback on the overall user experience. You can then quickly see what works, what doesn’t, and where you can improve your solution. And reduce churn.

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Recreating the customer experience

Now that most people own an increasing range of connected devices, the expectation of a seamless and user-friendly experience is extremely high. From searching your website for product information, to the overall purchasing experience, customer service, and more.

With our crowdtesting services, which use impartial testers in real-world conditions, we can test, provide feedback, and help you improve your solutions. Telecom testing has never been easier!

This is what our crowdtesters have already done for our clients and what they can do for you.


Solving client issues is essential. Our crowdtesters posed as our client’s customers to discover what worked and what didn’t with their customer service.

Customer Experience Testing

From TV box delivery to net promoter scores and how well a smart TV app performed, our crowdtesters quality checked everything for two clients.

Usability and UX Testing

We conducted usability testing on one client’s website for their new mobile phone rate, and made remote usability videos to test their chatbot service.

How we’re helping to deliver connected experiences

Mystery calls: the power of unbiased feedback

Sometimes you need real-world feedback on what works, what doesn’t, and where improvements can be made. This is what our crowdtesters did for our client, a global telecommunications firm, when they wanted to evaluate their customer service performance.

We then put together a team of crowdtesters that best matched their customers’ diverse profiles to conduct Customer Journey Testing.

Aged from under 20 to over 60, we sourced 68 men and 34 women to make ‘mystery calls’

Aged from under 20 to over 60, we sourced 68 men and 34 women to make ‘mystery calls’ and note their experiences against a range of service-related questions.

While the results showed an overall positive experience, there were some notable exceptions when it came to the length of calls, how often they were forwarded to another colleague, and whether they felt the issue was fully resolved. Definitely room for improvement.

This feedback gave our client invaluable data to address areas that resulted in a negative experience and amend their training strategies.

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Customer experience testing: optimizing the entire journey

Two of our clients asked us to test their smart TV solutions from two distinct aspects.

The overall experience, including delivery, setup, and functionality. The other, on how their software performed on different devices.

Our first client asked us to test the entire journey of their TV Box

Our first client, a Swiss telecom company, asked us to test the entire journey of their TV Box, including its delivery, setup, and performance. The device was then tested by 75 crowdtesters for usability, reliability, functionality, and quality.

While some experienced technical issues or simply did not like something (the home screen layout), the overall feedback was positive. This led to 59 percent stating they would likely recommend the product to their friends or colleagues. It was also an opportunity to note down any bugs that were identified along the way.

Our second client, a German telecom provider, wanted us to test their app on a diverse range of smart TVs and connected devices. After finding 60 crowdtesters with the same devices, 10 use cases were performed for each. Each tester was then asked a variety of questions related to the apps functionality to help find any bugs, which were then rated for severity.

Our crowdtesters were able to identify a range of usability issues and bugs for both clients. Well before their solution went public.

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Usability and UX testing: quantifiable and measurable usability

One of Europe’s largest mobile network operators asked us to test two different solutions. The first, a website featuring a new cell phone rate. And the other, a new chatbot.

The website included four versions for two offerings, a SIM-only tariff, and a Bundle-only tariff. This meant our testers had to check eight different versions to see which provided the best overall experience when it came to selecting the new rate. While each design was similar, all had different messaging and ways of highlighting various key features.

Testers then rated how easy each was to understand and comprehend before providing qualitative feedback

Testers then rated how easy each was to understand and comprehend before providing qualitative feedback to further explain their ratings. By having real people test their messaging and design, they received clear and unbiased input about which best motivated them to purchase a specific offer, well before the site was launched.

Their second project required testing their chatbot for usability issues on multiple smartphones and desktops via remote usability videos. This involved recording every step of our 18 crowdtesters’ interactions with the bot. Once finished, a Testbirds project manager reviewed the videos and rated each usability problem in terms of severity (i.e., was the issue just irritating or was the product unusable).

The frequency of each occurrence, per tester, was then counted and added to the severity ranking. This enabled us to develop a clear priority level of the issues that caused the most problems to the most testers. An ideal way for their developers to prioritize what they must do to improve the chatbot for their actual customers.

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How we support you

Optimize your telecom testing with crowdtesters

Today’s customers expect an amazing experience when they use a digital product, contact an AI-driven chatbot, visit your website or platform, or use your smart app. And it all must work perfectly, regardless of the device they’re using, its operating system, or where and when they’re using it.

This is where our highly flexible and fully customizable crowdtesting services, including Customer Journey Testing and Usability Testing, can help you create digital solutions your customers will love! This can reduce churn, boost loyalty, and ensure you’re ready to explore new opportunities anywhere in the world.

Thoroughly test your digital products and their features in real-world conditions with our carefully selected testers.
Receive detailed usability feedback and insights into actual consumer behavior to ensure that your digital products are user-friendly, accessible, and optimized to match customer needs.
Use our testing services to ensure all digital products, such as your your telecommunications software, deliver a seamless and user-friendly experience.
Streamline your testing efforts and optimize your time-to-market and development flexibility – all while maximizing your existing resources.

Elevating Telecom CX with Customer Journey Testing


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Three hands-on examples

Optimized for usability and UX – across devices and apps

Whether your app connects a dozen smart devices, your portal enables subscribers to switch their plans, or your website provides the exact information they need, it has to do so easily, seamlessly, and immediately.

No matter your digital solution, customers expect a great experience. On any device, at any time. That’s why it’s vital to take your telecom testing out of the lab and into the real world.

With access to over 1 million different devices and, with our Usability & UX Testing, our crowdtesters can help ensure your solutions are optimized on any device, regardless of location, for a consistently great customer experience.

Top-tier customer experiences – anywhere, any time

Today’s users are one click away from your competition. If any solution doesn’t meet their expectations and create a positive, memorable experience, they’ll just move on to another. That means you need to create the best customer experience at every stage, from their first visit to your website, to ordering, unboxing, setting up, payments, and more.

With our Customer Journey Testing, we can quickly simulate real user scenarios and help you gain visibility into the overall quality of your offered customer experience. Keep customers happy, turn them into advocates, and reduce churn.

Seamless connectivity – faultless customer service

When a single negative customer service experience can see a customer leave, it’s essential that you get it right. This is no different whether a customer is filling in a contact form, using a chat or voicebot service, or even when calling your AI-driven call center.

It doesn’t matter how they contact you, or from where, great customer service is an important tool to reduce churn, increase customer satisfaction, and boost loyalty and advocacy.

With over 1,000,000 crowdtesters to choose from, they can perfectly match your customers as they test your customer service – in real-world conditions. Is it fast? Convenient? Consistent? Personal? Friendly? Relevant? The better the human touch your digital solutions provide, the better the experience.


The biggest “pains” in the tele­communications industry

When it comes to telecommunications, we’re a long way past only having to deal with a telephone, TV, and radio. Today’s push towards digitalization, the massive range of Internet-connected devices, and the unstoppable rise of streaming solutions, have changed everything.

We’re now in a world where subscribers have massive expectations and can change providers with a few clicks of a button. Competition is fierce, growing, and increasingly global. Consumer behavior, owing to the coronavirus pandemic, has fundamentally changed. And all are making it clear that you just can’t afford to make mistakes.

This digital disruption, and the demand for higher-speed networks, have seen the industry spend big during the past years.


This will continue. According to a Statista report, global spending will reach about 1.595 trillion US dollars by 2024, with the majority being on wireless telecom services.

That’s no surprise. Not only are connected devices booming (on average, each home has access to over ten such devices) for private use, they are increasingly being seen within multiple industries. Everything is becoming connected and seamless telecommunication equipment, services, and wireless communication are increasingly critical. As is highly personalized customer service.

For these organizations, developing solutions that create amazing customer experiences to reduce churn, which work on multiple devices and operating systems, and that can be used across borders, is an increasingly powerful competitive advantage. As is keeping on top of the latest trends, from electronic signatures, cybersecurity, edge computing, the cloud, robotic process automation, big data, and more.

But how do you perfect that customer experience? How do you ensure your digital solutions work perfectly on hundreds of different devices with their operating systems? What do you need to do when your solutions are used across borders with different standards, laws, and regulations?

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