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Case Study

Swarm Intelligence
for Development: Crowdtesting at Celonis

For the project, 20 testers were chosen who closely matched the product’s intended target group.

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MANUEL HAUG Head of Product Management Core, Celonis

“After we came to the conclusion that internal testing simply is not enough for us anymore, we decided to do crowdtesting. If the product reaches
a certain degree of complexity, internal testing requires too many resources. Furthermore,
unbiased testers find mistakes, which would
remain undiscovered otherwise.”

Test object

Celonis Process Mining software

Analysing and optimising business processes with artificial intelligence – that is what the process mining software by Celonis does. The further development of the software platform focuses on high speed in terms of innovation as well as ensuring it runs without bugs and is user friendly. This motivated Celonis to perform a crowdtest with Testbirds. Previously, the company only tested internally with their own employees. When doing this most enterprises face the issue of institutional blindness.

Devices / Software OS: Windows
Software: Celonis Process Mining
Testers Number: 20
Age: 18-43
Gender: 70% ♂ / 30% ♀
Nationality: DE, USA, FR, NL
Skills: Finance, Controlling, IT
Celonis Case Study cover Bugability
6 FEMALE; 18–43 YEARS)



Munich, Germany


1,800+ worldwide



Company Website

Client's needs

The Celonis Execution Management Platform hosts a range of apps that extract system data in real-time to help identify execution gaps while automating routine business decisions.

The system must be fast, free of bugs, and user friendly.

However, as their solution continues to grow in features and complexity, internal testing became too time-consuming and there were concerns about internal testers missing obvious issues because of their familiarity with the software.

Test setup

For the project, 20 testers were chosen who closely matched the product’s intended target group.

While the majority of testers were male, all worked in Finance, Controlling, and IT, and came from a variety of countries; just like the clients of Celonis.

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The testers mainly found visual bugs and incorrectly displayed elements. For example, diagrams not shown correctly, or translation issues that led to a page not being displayed consistently in, for example, German or English. The testers also found inaccurate translations.

Based on this, Celonis created a process analysis for all language versions and improved the quality of the translations.

Celonis Case Study mockup

Very few functional bugs were discovered.

Furthermore, the usability feedback of the testers showed that they sometimes acted in different ways compared to the expectations of the Celonis developers, highlighting the benefits of using unbiased testers.

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