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Case Studies

Testing is our passion and through our innovative crowdtesting services we strive to ensure that all of our clients release the best digital products possible. Our case studies show you how.

Devices / Software

OS: Android, iOS Software: Automotive App with Chatbot


Number: 35
Nationality: DE / US
Net. Income: +100,000€
Skills: car owner, local dialects


Optimisation of speech recognition Bugfixing


The global crowd tests a chatbot for cars

Together with a leading German car manufacturer, Arvato has now developed a solution concept for the digitization of the content of operations manuals. The special thing is that the information is not only available digitally in the form of an app, but can also be reproduced by a virtual assistant, a so-called chatbot, that communicates with the user.

Devices / Software

IoT: Camera, motion detector, two contact sensors
OS: Android, iOS
Software: ednet. home


Number: 23
Age: 19-53
Gender: 85% ♂ / 15% ♀
Skills: interest in technology


A Secure Feeling: Smart Home Solution ednet by Assmann tested

Always knowing if your home is secure is what ”ednet. smart home Starter Kit Security “ by Assmann Electronic does. The company conducted a Customer Journey and BugAbility™ test to optimise the smart home solution before the product launch. The test was conducted under real conditions in testers’ homes. For the study, 23 crowdtesters from Testbirds searched for functionality and usability issues.

Devices / Software

Devices: Desktop, Smartphone
OS: Windows & Mac, Android & iOS


Number: 21
Age: 20-59 years


Comparison live site and prototype
Optimised visual representation of the products in the webshop
Improved customer satisfaction

Beter Bed

Better Webshop with Beter Bed

Beter Bed and Testbirds work together on a regular basis, to make sure that Beter Bed’s digital platforms work like a dream. Recently, the menu structure of their prototype was compared to the existing website structure. Testers were also asked to give their opinions on a new part of the website dedicated to advice and inspiration.

Devices / Software

OS: Android, iOS
Software: BMW Motorrad Connected App
IoT: BMW R 1250 GS, BMW R 1200 GS (incl. Connectivity)


5 women, 5 men, 27 - 29 years


Optimized customer experience
Creation of a dedicated tester community
Optimized real world cross-device testing

BMW Motorrad

Customer Journey Testing of BMW Motorrad‘s Connected App

The BMW Motorrad Connected App opens a world of possibilities for its users when it comes to navigation, ride tracking and accessing vehicle data during and after a motorbike tour. The app connects to motorbikes via Bluetooth and shows the features on the motorcycle’s TFT-Display. Throughout this process, interaction between the app and motorcycle hardware is the biggest consideration.

Devices / Software

OS: Windows
Software: Celonis Process Mining


Number: 20
Age: 18-43
Gender: 70% ♂ / 30% ♀
Nationality: DE, USA, FR, NL
Skills: Finance, Controlling, IT


Swarm Intelligence for Development: Crowdtesting at Celonis

Analysing and optimising business processes with artificial intelligence – that is what the process mining software by Celonis does. The further development of the software platform focuses on high speed in terms of innovation as well as ensuring it runs without bugs and is user friendly. This motivated Celonis to perform a crowdtest with Testbirds. Previously, the company only tested internally with their own employees. When doing this most enterprises face the issue of institutional blindness.

Logo Generali Testbirds Case Study
Devices / Software

OS: Android, iOS
Software: Generali Mobility-App


Number: 27
Age: 20-59 years
Gender: 74% ♂ / 26% ♀
Nationality: DE, AT, CH
Skills: Software QA


The Crowd helps improving the Software: Testing the Generali Mobility App

The test consisted of three consecutive parts: first, the participants got navigated through the key masks of the application by following four use cases. For example, driving a certain distance by both their car and by public transportation or by foot. In a second part the testers had to give detailed feedback about their experience by answering ten open and closed questions and in the final step they were asked to independently and exploratively search for bugs by themselves.

Devices / Software

Devices: Desktops, tablets & smartphones
Software: Online shops Keller Sports & Keller x


Number: 10
Age: 27-39 years
Gender: 50% ♂ / 50% ♀
Nationality: DE
Skills: Sports and fashion affinity

Keller Sports

Customer journey testing of the KELLER online shops Keller Sports and Keller x

The Munich-based company KELLER is Europe’s leading premium provider, in the digital space, for sports and lifestyle articles and presents itself as a one-stop shop for products, content, and services for an active life. The company’s brands include the online stores Keller Sports and Keller x, as well as the app Keller sMiles. KELLER has already won several German Design Awards and Shop Usability Awards for its online stores – this pioneering position was further expanded with the help of Testbirds. With crowdtesting, Testbirds supported KELLER in its vision to create unique digital experiences derived from data-based insights.

Devices / Software

Devices: Desktops, tablets & smartphones
Software: webshop


Number: 148
Age: 30-50
Gender: 60% ♂ / 40% ♀
Nationality: NL


How Landal GreenParks uses testing to optimise the guest experience

The outcomes of the tests have helped Landal avoid mistakes with its e-commerce platform and to develop new features that correspond with the wishes of its target audience. Some unexpected test results were also remarkably helpful. Swinnen adds: “In this way, we spot errors in a timely fashion, allowing us to avoid issues that have a negative impact on our conversion rate.”

Miles and More DKB Logo
Devices / Software

Devices: Desktop, Smartphone
OS: Windows & Mac, Android & iOS


Number: 24
Age: 18-63


Valuable insights regarding the comprehensibility of the upper funnel of the Gold credit card
Conversion rate increase
Identification of concrete usability problems

Miles & More & Deutsche Kreditbank

Miles & More credit card

Testbirds supported Miles & More and DKB with usability testing in the area of credit cards. The newly-designed landing pages were optimized using the Gold credit card as the basis. The focus was on open written feedback, while a click dummy and think aloud videos were also used. With the help of crowdtesting, Miles & More was able to derive crucial insights to optimize the credit card landing pages on the live website, increase their conversion rate, and avoid turning real customers into testers.

Devices / Software

Devices: Desktops, tablets and smartphones
Software: Webshop


Number: 116
Nationality: NL


Total Bugs: 249
Critical: 2
High Prio: 35
Medium Prio: 98
Low Prio: 114


How e-retailer OTTO optimises its webshops through crowdtesting

Otto BV is one of the largest companies within the internationally operating Otto Group, an established organisation with a long history in home shopping. OTTO is extremely content with the crowdtests that Testbirds has conducted. This e-retailer’s comprehensive webshops are produced by teams in an international setting. Through crowdtesting, OTTO not only received feedback on issues, but also positive confirmation that their channels work well for customers in the Dutch market. This testing approach is regarded as a cost-efficient one by the company.

Devices / Software

OS: iOS, Android
Software: Qobuz App


Number: 16
Age: 20-59
Nationality: FR, DE, USA


How Qobuz uses crowdtesting to meet customer demands for quality

Qobuz provides its customers with high-quality music streaming and editorial content to go with it. Ensuring that the experiences in their apps match the quality their customers expect from their listening experience is a process of improvement that Qobuz takes seriously and that puts them at the forefront of streaming services.

Devices / Software

Devices: Desktop (Windows / MAC)
Software: SimplyCodes browser extension


Number: 20 Gender: 6 female, 14 male


SimplyCodes – best-in-class promotional codes with crowdtesting

With the best coverage of promotional codes for online shopping, SimplyCodes wanted third-party validation for their best-in-class extension to get real data on how it compares to its competitors. The test shows that SimplyCodes community-driven approach ultimately outperforms competitors and creates a better e-commerce experience for its users.

Devices / Software

Devices: Desktops, tablets & smartphones
Software: Webshop


Age: 21-49
Gender: 57% ♂ / 43% ♀
Nationality: DE
Skills: Passion for sports


Total Bugs: 45

Sport Bittl

Sport Bittl: Sports enthusiast crowd helps to release a webshop

Sport Bittl has been firmly established among the well-known sports shops in Munich for decades. To ensure that the Munich sports dealer can continue to fulfil its customers’ wishes at the usual level while shopping online, the shop has been redesigned at Prior to the release, the new webshop needed to be tested by representatives of the target group, so Sport Bittl chose to do a crowd test with Testbirds. In the context of a so-called BugAbility™ study, the focus was to find functional bugs in the beta version of the webshop as well as to get feedback about its usability.

Devices / Software

Devices: Smartphone
OS: Android / iOS
Software: Veon App


Number: 40
Age: 18 – 45
Nationality: Russia, Pakistan


VEON – An A/B Comparison Study

VEON, one of the world’s largest Telco companies, invested in an A/B comparison study on the user interface (UI) for their new app with Testbirds, using a group of 40 participants based in Pakistan and Russia that matched VEON’s target audience. The results of this A/B comparison study were used to determine which UI version (A or B) was more engaging for VEON’s target audience. Real world testing with native testers ensured that the app was well received in VEON’s target markets: Russia and Pakistan.

Logo VR Smart Finance

Number: 122


6 Tests within the overall project

VR Smart Finanz

VR Smart Finanz – holistic commercial user experience testing

VR Smart Finanz conducted several UX tests with Testbirds in various areas as part of a cross-departmental project to meet the high-quality standards of a mature user experience (UX) for its financing solutions. The goal was to put their digital solutions to the test in order to better adapt them to the needs of their customers.

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