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Case Study

Sport Bittl:
Sports-enthusiast crowd helps to release
their online shop

After consultation with Sport Bittl, we decided that a BugAbility™ study was the ideal solution to help them find functional bugs and receive feedback on the usability of the beta-site.

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FRANCISCO MÉNDEZ Online Marketing Manager, Sport Bittl

“We’re happy that our web shop’s new design was well received by the testers. But the mentioned critique is very valuable for us as well. Nowadays, the purchasing process begins more and more often on the smartphone or tablet. That’s why it’s especially important that the web shop is displayed correctly on all different devices.”

Test object


Sport Bittl has been firmly established among the well-known sports shops in Munich for decades. To ensure that the Munich sports dealer can continue to fulfil its customers’ wishes at the usual level while shopping online, the shop has been redesigned at Prior to the release, the new webshop needed to be tested by representatives of the target group, so Sport Bittl chose to do a crowd test with Testbirds. In the context of a so-called BugAbility™ study, the focus was to find functional bugs in the beta version of the webshop as well as to get feedback about its usability.

Devices / Software Devices: Desktops, tablets & smartphones
Software: Webshop
Testers Age: 21-49
Gender: 57% ♂ / 43% ♀
Nationality: DE
Skills: Passion for sports
Achievements Total Bugs: 45
Sport Bittl Case Study cover
23 TESTERS (21 – 49 YEARS)

Sport Bittl

Established in 1949, Sport Bittl has grown to become one of the most well-known sports shops in Munich. With a philosophy that focuses on knowledgeable employees, consumer-friendly prices, and a quick reaction to trend sports, they employ people from 15 different nations who also practice the sports they advise on.


Munich, Germany




Sporting goods

Company Website

Client's needs

As Sport Bittl continues to evolve, their product range around sports and leisure has adapted to the ever-changing needs of their customers, which also includes a bigger focus on online shopping.

To ensure they could continue to fulfil their customers‘ wishes at the usual level while shopping online, they decided to redesign their online shop.

Prior to its launch, the new site needed to be tested by people who closely resembled their actual customers, so Sport Bittl chose to do a crowdtest with Testbirds.

Test setup

After consultation with Sport Bittl, we decided that a BugAbility™ study was the ideal solution to help them find functional bugs and receive feedback on the usability of the beta-site.

In total, 23 crowdtesters were chosen. 57% were hobby testers and 13% had no testing experience. 30% were professional testers who checked the website for bugs and usability issues. Another requirement for the testers was that they lived in Germany and had a passion for sports.

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In total, our crowdtesters found 46 bugs (such as display errors) of varying levels of severity.

Feedback praised the sites appealing design and clear structure, such as the web shop’s menu, which enabled them to quickly navigate around the site.

They also complimented the design of the shop and the quality of the product photos used in it.

Sport Bittl mockup

Some of the testers, however, had difficulties displaying the website on their mobile devices. Other testers also felt there should be a more precise filter function so that preferred articles could be found faster.

Overall, the majority of testers found nothing to criticize and had no requests for additional features.

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