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Use the power of crowdtesting to create digital products that people really love

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What is crowdtesting?

Crowdtesting is all about letting real people test your digital products in real-world conditions. By leveraging the collaborative force of testers from around the world, and their collective knowledge, you can test for and realize an elevated level of user-friendliness, usability, and functionality in your digital solutions.

Over 600,000 testers in 193 countries with over 1,000,000 devices for testing
Real-world conditions, real testers: Certified experts & unbiased consumers
Choose from over 65 demographics and anticipate the needs of your specific target audience
Tailor-made solutions for all of your QA & UX testing requirements
Our Focus

Customer-centricity is key – testing that matches your needs

Crowdtesting makes functional testing and the development of an outstanding customer experience easier than ever before. Available 24/7, our Crowd provides fast, unbiased, and valuable feedback on your digital product. You can have your customers test your products before release – select them utilizing 65+ criteria, such as location, age, profession, hobbies, and income level. This customer-centric emphasis is one of the many benefits of our crowdtesting approach.

Flexibility, scalability, and speed in your digital software development

Never lose time, money, or resources to internal testing again – crowdtesting gives you unmatched flexibility, scalability, and speed. Crowdtesting with our international online community frees up your development processes by testing for bugs, functionality, ease-of-use, and UX for you – so you can deliver a best-in-class customer experience for your customers.

Our Crowd

Key facts about our crowdtesters

Problems due to different devices, operating systems, and screen sizes, as well as lack of time and resources, are now a thing of the past. With the power of one of the largest and most active global crowds – and their extensive range of devices and operating systems – the usability testing, functionality testing, and user-experience optimization of your digital products, is straightforward, fast, and cost-effective. You select the testers that best match your users, and have all tests done in real-world conditions.

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Stop guessing, start testing

Start optimizing your digital UX with our Crowd now

Usability & UX Testing

Test your customer experience – with the exact target group you need

  • Real users in real-world conditions give feedback throughout the product life cycle
  • Use UX & usability tests for marketability, CRO & ROI optimization
  • Quantitative and qualitative testing: Diverse tests and tailor-made designs are possible
  • Scalability & flexibility: Fast test setup and execution, our Crowd is ad-hoc ready

Discover more about Usability & UX Testing

Quality Assurance Testing

Leverage the power of our crowdtesters & remove bugs and performance issues

  • Cover all QA aspects of your customer life cycle, including accessibility, security, online purchase processes, and more
  • Make your product bug-free on every device, screen resolution, software, and OS
  • Live-track and export all bugs into your bug tracking software (e.g., JIRA or Redmine)
  • Let our experienced testers check your digital product for bugs

Discover more about QA Testing

Our-testers-search-for-bugs-on your-digital-products
Use Cases

If your product is digital, we can test it

Testbird-woman-with-many-digital-devices Test Objects

Websites, portals, and online shops. Wearables and trackers. Mobile apps. Games, VR, and AR. Chatbots and virtual assistants. IoT and smart devices. Business applications.

testbirds-illustration-of-industries-we-are-servicing Industries

Testbirds supports clients from a vast variety of different branches around the world, helping them to quickly, painlessly, and cost-effectively optimize their digital products.

Crowdtesting-for-functional-teams Functional Teams

With our custom­izable crowd­testing services, each depart­ment can focus its energies on opti­mizing your digital products, not guessing what your customers want.

How we work

Our approach to any project revolves around flexibility

Target setting – what to test

Depending on your level of involvement, we help you set targets by assisting you in deciding what to test, which tests to use, and your target audience. Whether you want to focus on your user interface or functionality and usability, our experience and our easy-to-use platform supports you at every testing stage.

Proof of concept

Once your testing strategy is set, we help develop a proof of concept for your first test project, which includes recommendations for the testing scope, tester demographics, devices, and a realistic time frame. During this process, you can include add-ons such as remote usability videos of the tests.

Running the test & feedback

When this is all in place, the test is run. Our testers then test your product – based on your criteria/needs – for bugs, functionality problems, usability issues, and more, before giving detailed feedback.

Evaluation – reports and recommendations

Depending on your service level, data is either sent to you for analysis (Self-Service / Self-Service Plus, where you can download the raw data of your test and export detected bugs to Jira or Redmine) or to your Testbirds Project Manager, who conducts a detailed evaluation of the test results and sends you a comprehensive report.

Building a competitive advantage

Together, we are stronger. As your business needs change, products change, even as you introduce new, innovative solutions, we can help you develop digital solutions that are optimized for your customers – for the long term.

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Your Benefits

Leverage the power of crowdtesting


Tackle the challenge of a continuously growing device landscape

A significant advantage of crowdtesting is the immense variety of devices and operating systems our Crowd uses. To replicate this range in-house is difficult and expensive. Especially as complexity increases daily due to different operating systems and versions, a multitude of web browsers, and an ever-growing range of smart devices. Our Crowd offers the most flexible solution – a vast cross-section of systems and devices, matching all of your testing requirements.

Ad-hoc availability & suitability in every stage of the development life cycle

Optimizing your product requires useful and reliable results – quickly. Thankfully, our global Crowd makes tester recruitment fast, efficient, and highly targeted to your user group. This means you can rely on your crowdtesting results and gain valuable time to focus on your next project – while we take care of your testing. To validate your concept, get early feedback on the look and feel of your prototype, or implement continuous testing throughout the development stages, we help you develop a product that’s the best it can be. Before and after release.

Pick-a-customized-qa-ux-service package

Real-time status tracking & qualified end report

No matter which Testbirds service you use, you can live-track the progress and current status of your projects using the dashboard on our testing platform, the Nest. You can then export all identified bugs into your bug-tracking software, which lets your developers begin working on tickets once testing is completed.

Full flexibility & cost control

Alongside our virtual currency, BirdCoins, which lets you test when you want, you can select one of three different service models: Managed Service, Self Service, and Self Service Plus.

1. Managed Service: One of our experienced project managers creates an individual test design, coordinates the test, then collects and evaluates the results. They then pass on recommendations for action in a qualified end report.

2. Self-Service: You have access to our crowdtesting platform, where you set up everything on your own and have full freedom to launch, manage, and evaluate your tests.

3. Self-Service Plus: Combine the advantages of Managed and Self-Service in Self-Service Plus, for a balanced mix of autonomy and support.

Discover the Nest and our Service Levels


We provide you with the latest insights from the world of crowdtesting

Stop guessing if your product meets your users' expectations and start making decisions based on facts.


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