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A user-friendly UX portfolio

A letter from our Co-Founder & COO Markus Steinhauser on the recent updates to our service portfolio


A user-friendly UX portfolio

A letter from our Co-Founder & COO Markus Steinhauser on the recent updates to our service portfolio

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Markus Steinhauser
| Linkedin
| Co-Founder & COO

Hello there,

At Testbirds, we’re always going on about evaluating your products and improving them continuously so it’s only natural for us to apply this thinking to ourselves. Behind the scenes we’ve been working on an update to our service portfolio, specifically regarding our UX services.

We’ve now launched this update and would like to tell you a little bit about it.

How it all started

The story goes back one year to begin with. We continuously seek, receive, and process feedback from both internal and external stakeholders. Our employees in all departments can be heard when it comes to what we offer and how we deliver it. We also take on board input we get from clients, partners, job applicants, industry experts, and more.

Some of the feedback showed us that our UX portfolio, which had grown organically, needed a touchup. This led to discussions of how our services are structured in our portfolio and if our services and their names are really in line with what our clients are looking for and with the terminology present within the testing industry. We decided to do some more thinking and research on this topic.

We found that we had some inconsistencies in naming, overlapping methodologies, and an overwhelming abundance of options. It also wasn’t easy to figure out this puzzle and there were many factors to consider – there wasn’t a clear and perfect solution. There were always upsides and downsides and making it work for everyone was impossible.

After many iterations and back and forth discussions, we finally settled on a new structure that would be the best solution, knowing that there would always be more room for improvements in the future. There are several aspects to what we’re accomplishing with this new structure, so let’s take a look at some of the main points.

A more accessible and understandable portfolio

Testing is both simple and complex, easy and difficult, A and B, quantitative and qualitative… The challenge with this is that our services have to make sense to those just getting started with testing as well as those who are already experts.

A lot of thought has gone into the new names for our services which use the terminology that is most appropriate to describe each different type of service and reflects what the market wants and needs.

Check out this overview of name changes:

A new page on our website

With a new structure to our service portfolio, we felt that there were some improvements to be made in how we presented these services on our website. As all the services we’ve made improvements to are one or another form of usability test, that also influenced how we decided to present them on our website.

Previously, these services each had their own page, but now they have been bundled on one page – Usability Testing. On this collective page, all the services mentioned above can be easily understood and compared. This page also provides further information, such as the difference between qualitative and quantitative testing, or whether tests provide written feedback or video feedback.

All in all, this new page gives a comprehensive look at the different forms of usability testing we can help you with.

Continuous improvement never stops

In the process of discussing and implementing these changes, there were of course many questions that popped up and many side roads that we explored. Many of them were addressed within this project, but there were also some that we felt were separate topics or bigger changes that we would tackle at another time.

As mentioned earlier, improvements happen continuously so there will be more changes around the corner.

Until next time!

Markus Steinhauser
Co-Founder & COO


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