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Crowdtesting in the energy and utilities industry

Digitalization, decentralization, green initiatives, cyber risks, and more consumer power, are just some of the challenges facing today’s energy and utilities industry.


The biggest “pains” for energy and utilities organizations

As consumer expectations change, innovative technologies appear, and regulatory forces impact the energy and utilities industry, the need to stand apart from the competition with innovative, agile, and ever-greener solutions is increasing.

Whether a traditional provider or a startup, today’s challenges – including the need to decentralize, decarbonize, and digitalize – are pushing the industry to do more with less, provide greater choice, gain trust, and build a more resilient business. Much of this is being driven by government legislation attempting to mitigate the climate crisis and move the industry towards renewable energy (a prime example is the push for an 80% clean US power grid by 2030). There is also stakeholder pressure for organizations to utilize distributed energy systems and meet environmental, social, and governance goals, and consumer demands for more connected options, flexibility, convenience, and accountability.


Digitalization is the big game-changer. It will exponentially enable the industry to better transition towards a decarbonized future, move away from highly centralized energy grids, and enable the development of in-house and customer-focused digital solutions that can streamline processes, optimize energy production, and empower customers.

Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS), Internet of Energy (IoE), it’s all possible. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics are helping with proactive energy distribution while providing automated services and support to customers. The Internet of Things is increasingly enabling consumers to monitor and reduce their energy and water use. Blockchain technology can unite producers, distributors, and anyone else in the supply chain under one decentralized network.

But each solution must deliver a positive, reliable, secure, and user-friendly experience. Home consumers, in particular, now demand nothing less. They want support 24/7, on their terms, be able to interact with your services on their device, flexibly shift their plans (yesterday gas was great but today – for obvious reasons – they now want to reduce gas and use more renewable solutions), and it all has to work perfectly at every touchpoint.

But what’s the best way to perfect that customer experience? Where to even start when it comes to so many different devices and operating systems? What about when they’re used across borders with various levels of connectivity, standards, laws, and regulations?

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Optimized for usability and UX – across platforms

No matter what your digital solution is designed to accomplish, it must be usable, useful, and used. Smart energy devices, smart meters, mobile apps, all need to provide a seamless, positive experience. With our Usability & UX Testing, our crowdtesters can help ensure your solutions are optimized on any device or platform, regardless of location, for a consistently great customer experience.

Powerful customer experiences – anywhere, any time

Today’s users want flexibility and convenience. That means creating the best customer experience at every touchpoint – whether they’re using an energy-monitoring app, an intelligent device to monitor humidity, or talking with your chatbot-driven customer service. Our Customer Journey Testing simulates real user scenarios to help you optimize the overall quality of your customer’s experience.

Seamless connectivity – perfect customer service

With over 1,000,000 crowdtesters on call, we can perfectly match your customers, and thoroughly test your online customer service in real-world conditions. Is your utility customer information system providing correct data? Is your chatbot giving correct advice based on your smart meter data? Is your service personal and friendly? The more human your digital solutions feel, the better the experience.

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