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Quality Assurance at Testbirds – What’s new?

by | Mar 3, 2016 | QA, Testing Reality, Test Automation | 7 comments

It has now been nearly two weeks since the launch of Testing 4.0 and our new website. The entire Testbirds team is extremely happy about how things have gone and is glad to be a part of this new development in the software testing industry. This week’s blog post will provide more information about the changes that have taken place in our portfolio with a focus on our Quality Assurance services.

You choose: Crowdtesting or Device Cloud

From the very beginning, Quality Assurance or functionality testing has been one of Testbirds’ major focuses. This is due to our belief that functionality, together with usability, is one of the two main aspects to take into consideration when it comes to the quality of software. Over the last couple of years, we have integrated several different testing methods into the Quality Assurance section of our portfolio. Currently, it contains a total of eight services that are performed by either our crowd, through cloud technologies, or by combining the two.

Some of these services have been offered at Testbirds for a longer period of time than others. Therefore, our testers are quite familiar with Exploratory Bugtesting, Test Case Execution or Localisation Testing. Now, with the launch of our new slogan, “Testing 4.0 – The Next Generation of Quality”, there are four new services that have been integrated into our Quality Assurance portfolio:

These additions to our portfolio bring a wide range of new and interesting tasks to our crowdtesters.

QA services in detail

  1. Test Case Creation, for example, is aimed at the testing specialists in our crowd. It consists of writing test cases for manual or automated testing (using tools such as Selenium). This service is for clients who don’t have enough time or manpower to create test cases themselves. It can also be combined with Test Case Execution, either using our crowd or through virtual machines on TestChameleon™.
  2. Load and Performance Testing is a testing method which examines how a system performs under high load. An example of this is how an online store fares during the Christmas shopping season. In this case, we could wait for the peak usage time, for example after a TV commercial promoting the store airs, and then have a few hundred testers enter the shop to document performance and loading times. Alternatively, we could also let a smaller group of testers using different service providers use a tool that generates extra load during peak hours and measure various parameters such as response times, etc.
  3. The term Regression Testing is used for the repetitive testing of software’s core functions. This is especially applicable after new deployments or when software undergoes modifications. It can be performed using our crowd who manually test digital products or within the cloud on virtual machines. Powered by Crowd & Cloud, just as our slogan says.
  4. The final service we are showcasing in this post is Bug Bounty, a service that is even more adventurous than exploratory bugtesting. Our crowd acts as bounty hunters and searches for security issues or recurring defects that have not been able to be found and fixed by the internal QA department. Bug Bounty promises to end all undetected and unexplainable bugs and turns our testers into hunters.

There’s a bunch of new and exciting developments taking place at Testbirds. That’s why we are currently so excited. Stay tuned to learn more about what has changed in Usability and UX Testing in the upcoming posts!

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