Test Case Creation

Your software is complex, therefore requires an elaborate approach to testing it. To check whether or not it functions as intended, it’s crucial to create well-defined test cases. We support you by creating test-cases that can form a solid foundation for systematic and reproducible software testing.

The challenge: a lack of resources for test case creation

To check the quality of your software, it’s necessary to create realistic manual or automated test cases. This is only achievable through systematically testing a variety of components, such as functionality and reliability, which together dictate quality levels. Test cases are created with a specific goal or condition in mind, such as executing typical user stories or program paths. The goal is to reveal errors or erroneous conditions. It is a necessity for test cases to be extremely detailed when considering aspects such as the prerequisites that must be fulfilled upon creation, every single step that testers will perform and the expected outcomes. However, this is only achievable if companies have the availability and knowhow to write concrete test cases.

The solution: creation of manual and automated test cases with the help of the crowd

In our international tester community we have a variety of certified software and test experts, developers and IT specialists, who provide extensive experience in creating test cases. Our clients can access this expert knowledge all the time and instruct the crowd to create concrete test cases matching the specific requirements of the software application. After this step the crowd can directly perform those test cases on a multitude of devices.

Another option is to let our community create test cases for automated tests, for example based on Selenium. These can be then tested on Virtual Machines via our test infrastructure solution TestChameleon™.

The Benefits of Test Case Creation

  • Extensive knowledge in creating test cases
  • A crowd of certified testers and IT specialists
  • Ad-hoc availability
  • Creation of automated test cases with Selenium
  • Possible for the crowd to immediately execute test cases
  • Automated and manual testing with TestChameleon™

Take the quality of your applications to the next level!

How it looks in practice

Two developers from our crowd are writing approximately 50 test cases based on Selenium for biweekly release for one of our biggest clients in the e-commerce sector. They are then tested overnight in the form of automated test cases on 10 Virtual Machines running Mac, Windows and a variety of software via TestChameleon™. The next morning, the client’s QA department receives the results and can work on the erroneous conditions and bugs found.

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