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Test Case Creation

Don’t let limited time and resources stand in your way. Let certified testers create ideal test cases for your test.



Get detailed and transparent test cases


Benefit from the knowledge of our certified experts


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Reduce the workload for you and your team


Leverage Test Case Creation to bring the quality of your digital product to the next level!


What is Test Case Creation?

A test case describes the conditions and variables under which a tester will examine if a digital product works correctly in small, comprehensible test steps. It is a set of actions executed to verify a particular feature or functionality of the software application.

Different tests like quality assurance testing, functional testing, and testing on different web browsers and web applications require different testing methodologies. That’s why your testing framework has to be perfectly clear – including your test script and cases.

When creating test scripts it is important to follow a few rules – regardless if they are intended for manual testing or automation testing tools. They should be described in a precise manner, while also being simple and transparent. That way you can make sure that the testers have a crystal clear understanding of what is expected from them.

It’s important to define coherent and unbiased use cases and enrich them with qualitative and quantitative questions. It’s equally important to explain exactly what the testers are supposed to do and which steps need to be taken (you can also leave this point open, depending on the scope of your test). Test cases should always be written from an end user’s perspective and shouldn’t be repeated. While writing, it’s also important to cover all software requirements – what’s not written down will not be tested, specification is key.


The challenge: Lack of resources and experts

The most common problems in the creation of test scripts are the lack of time, resources, and expert knowledge. As more and more digital projects deal with rapid development cycles and agile testing, time and manpower have become relevant issues. Without time or resources, you might begin to reuse old test cases or just slightly adapt them. There is simply no way to think of every single aspect of the test without dedicating enough time, and as a consequence, the end-user is forgotten or at least not in the focus of project deliberations.

The second issue a lot of digital companies struggle with is the absence of testing experts to develop bullet-proof test cases.

It is a necessity for test cases in software quality assurance to be extremely detailed. This is especially true when considering aspects such as the prerequisites that must be fulfilled upon creation, or every single step that testers will perform and the expected outcomes. However, this is only achievable if companies have the ability and knowhow to write concrete test cases. When we’re talking about special situations like automated software testing or QA automation, you won’t get too far without an experienced partner by your side.

The solution: creation of manual and automated test cases with the help of the Crowd

The success of testing digital products depends on how solidly the test cases are designed, written, and maintained. In our international tester community, we have a variety of certified testing experts, developers, and IT specialists who provide extensive experience.

Our Crowd is available 24/7 to create concrete cases that match the specific requirements of your digital product. Use its power and get detailed, simple, and transparent test cases for your manual or automated test scenario. You can also let our community create test cases for automated tests based on Selenium and Appium, for example. Afterwards, you can run the tests on virtual machines.

Quality first: Before you get the final files the cases are double-checked by our experienced project managers.


How it looks in practise

Two developers from our Crowd write approximately 50 test cases for Selenium testing in a biweekly release for one of our biggest clients in the e-commerce sector. The test cases cover regression testing as well as cross-browser testing, a website load test, and acceptance testing.

Our client uses a test automation framework and a regression test suite for software QA but doesn’t have time to write all the test cases on their own, and doesn’t have too much experience with automation tools, Selenium web driver, or automating regression tests. That’s why they trust in the Testbirds Crowd which fulfils these repetitive tasks and thereby reduces the workload for all team members.




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