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Quality Assurance

Powered by crowd and cloud: Challenge bugs and performance issues with Testbirds’ QA services

Professional crowdtesting with the no 1:


Flexible platform that is available within 24 hours


Testers use their own devices (smartphones/tablets/desktops etc.)


Live tracking of project status for the customer


Optional: Verification of errors found by BugApproval™

Test automation with innovative cloud technologies


Create virtual machines within minutes


Diversity of devices, operating systems, browsers and additional software


Data hosted in Germany

Take the quality of your applications to the next level!

The Challenges of Quality Assurance

Faulty software can damage a company’s image and lead to a loss in clients and sales. In an attempt to minimize cost and increase efficiency, early identification of bugs is a key factor to a successful development process. How much does it cost to perform testing and, more importantly, what is the cost of ignoring it? Errors appear in many different forms and often have a negative influence on user experience or, in the worst case, entirely hinder users from running the application or website. Graphical issues can display content incorrectly and functional bugs make it difficult for users to execute an action as intended.

How can Testbirds support you?

Testbirds offers two forms of quality assurance: Crowdtesting and automated testing using our innovative Device Cloud. As a relatively new approach, crowdtesting is gaining more and more popularity by the minute. It provides you with the opportunity to have your own end users search for bugs. These bugs are then categorized based on severity by an experienced project manager. In addition, crowdtesting with Testbirds provides you with over 500,000 devices giving you access to a seemingly never-ending combination of operating systems and software to help enhance the functionality of your digital products.

Virtual Machines are also able to provide you with thousands of device, operating system and software combinations for manual and automated testing. Our test infrastructure as a service is ideal for continuous deployment or to manually reproduce malfunctions. This all takes place on individually configurable Virtual Machines that allow you to install all kinds of software.

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Devices: Desktops, tablets and smartphones
Software: Webshop


Number: 116
Nationality: NL


Total Bugs: 249
Critical: 2
High Prio: 35
Medium Prio: 98
Low Prio: 114

How e-retailer OTTO optimises its webshops through crowdtesting


Exploratory Bug Testing



Otto BV is one of the largest companies within the internationally operating Otto Group, an established organisation with a long history in home shopping. OTTO is extremely content with the crowdtests that Testbirds has conducted. This e-retailer’s comprehensive webshops are produced by teams in an international setting. Through crowdtesting, OTTO not only received feedback on issues, but also positive confirmation that their channels work well for customers in the Dutch market. This testing approach is regarded as a cost-efficient one by the company.


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