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Empower your energy customers with an intuitive mobile app experience

In a digital era where every tap and swipe counts, the design of mobile applications has become a crucial factor in shaping the user experience (UX).


Empower your energy customers with an intuitive mobile app experience

In a digital era where every tap and swipe counts, the design of mobile applications has become a crucial factor in shaping the user experience (UX).

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Nowhere is this more evident than in the realm of energy apps, where customers are actively seeking interfaces that not only meet their needs, but also understand how they prefer to engage with their energy or utilities provider.  

Our latest Crowd Insights unravels the blueprint for an energy mobile app that truly empowers your customers, based on insights from our community of real energy users. 

We delve into the essential features that real customers want in five key areas of your energy app, so you can put functionality and user satisfaction at the forefront.

1. Homepage

Picture this: You open your energy app, and there it is – a homepage that feels like a personalized energy hub. 

It’s not cluttered with unnecessary information or marketing messages. Instead, it serves as an intuitive gateway to the core functionalities your users seek. 

Here, your users can effortlessly access vital information such as their contract details, current consumption levels, meter readings, and other important notifications. 

A clean, focused interface prioritizes functionality, ensuring your users get what they need without distractions or delay.

2. Meter Reading Submissions

Submitting meter readings can often feel like a cumbersome task, but it doesn’t have to be.  

Your users appreciate an app that simplifies this process, offering features that make it efficient and user-friendly. 

Imagine a camera function that allows you to snap a photo of your meter with ease. Add a built-in flashlight function that allows your smartphone to illuminate darkly lit basements, ensuring accuracy in every submission. 

These are just the basics. Your users also want the flexibility of manual entry and the ability to visualize their consumption history through their past meter readings and in a graphical format. 

An energy app that provides clear explanations and guides users through the meter reading submission process is one that truly understands and caters to their needs. 

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3. Invoices

Invoices are a vital part of any energy app. Managing invoices in-app should be seamless.  

A dedicated mailbox, complete with a filter function, allows users to effortlessly organize their monthly invoices.  

Displaying invoice dates directly within the app and mailbox adds a layer of convenience, streamlining UX. 

And what if users could open and download invoices directly within the app, eliminating the additional and often unnecessary automatic launch of their mobile web browser?  

This level of efficiency is what users expect from a modern, user-centric energy app.

4. Discount Adjustments

When it comes to discount adjustments, your users want greater transparency and control.  

They want to see the history of their discounts, understand the impact of any changes, and have the flexibility to change the debiting dates. 

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5. Contracts

Last but not least, the contract details section is crucial for mobile UX.

Knowing the exact end date of their contract provides your users with a sense of security and control. 

Key functions to change address or tariffs, or to terminate a contract should be easily accessible, allowing users to manage their energy plans effortlessly.  

A transparent cost breakdown, including cost per kWh, not only provides clarity but also builds trust.  

By offering this wealth of information, an energy app creates an environment where users feel informed and confident, encouraging contract renewals and fostering an energizing customer experience. 

Energize your customers’ mobile app experience today

From an intuitive homepage that serves as your users’ personalized energy hub to the effortless submission of meter readings and the streamlined management of invoices and contracts, the blueprint for an exceptional energy app is grounded in understanding and catering to real user needs. 

Want to improve the UX of your energy mobile app, or another digital solution? Find out how getting real user insights is key to energizing your customers’ digital experience with your brand. 


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