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Bug Bounty

No chance for security issues or system-wide critical bugs. Let our Crowd be your bounty hunters during security testing.



Let our diverse Crowd find bugs, even in the most unexpected corners of your software


Testers detect bugs that you can’t reproduce due to limited in-house device-, software-, or OS-coverage


Get a final report with detailed crash logs to reproduce bugs


Ensure that security holes stay top-secret – thanks to NDAs and confidentiality agreements


Leverage Bug Bounty to bring the quality of your digital product to the next level!


What is Bug Bounty?

A bug bounty, app bounty, or bug bounty program is a QA methodologies term. Usually, it refers to a reward or bounty program in software testing which rewards the finding and reporting of bugs and exposes security vulnerabilities in a digital product.

Bug bounty programs aim to drive product improvement and discover security bugs and exploits in your software. Typically, the bug hunters perform penetration testing that runs as an addition to a standard security audit.

In our Bug Bounty service, we create and manage your own Crowd-powered “hacker” security program. We provide detailed test instructions for the bug hunters, covering the scope of targets and findings, which software behaviors are acceptable, and what an ideal vulnerability report should look like.


The challenge: hidden bugs and exploits with serious consequences

Most enterprises should be familiar with the issue that even after internal quality assurance processes are completed, there are still weaknesses or exploits in the test application. Some of these appear regularly, but without any clues indicating the root cause. Others appear sporadically, and are stumbled upon by accident when customers use your digital product.

The severity of these defects come in a wide range from non-essential features that are misbehaving, to major security issues. Both can damage the reputation of your software and could in turn have a negative influence on the reputation and economic success of your company.

These serious issues occur because quality assurance specialists are unable to remain objective about their own product – they’re always biased. Similarly, in-house QA testers cannot guarantee that they will locate every single defect. Additionally, in every sprint and every iteration of your product, time pressure, lack of resources, and insufficient test devices limit your efforts for unit testing and software quality assurance.

The solution: the Crowd hunts down your software issues

With testers from our Crowd, you receive massive help in tackling these serious challenges. Whether you only need a few testers that focus on specific features, or a large group that meticulously inspects your entire product, the Crowd is scalable, flexible, and adaptable to your particular product and project.

Our bug bounty hunters discover serious and complex system errors, as well as small recurring bugs that negatively influence the user experience, providing unbiased functional quality assurance testing.

Does a software defect keep appearing, but you’re unable to reproduce it or figure out why it’s occurring? After finding the root cause, the Crowd provides you with useful test results in the form of test reports and crash logs, so you can finally reproduce, identify, and eliminate that system error.

Our bounty hunters also help with security assessment – revealing security gaps and vulnerabilities based on weak spots around SQL injection, XSS, or CSRF. As a client you’ll only pay for defects found, but with all the experts and devices in our Crowd at-the-ready, right when you need them! So, identify your security issues now – before hackers or your customers do.


How Bug Bounty looks in practice

One of our clients from the software industry has had to repeatedly battle with a reappearing bug. The malfunction caused the company’s app to crash on Samsung devices and as a result, the app’s rating in the Google Play Store dropped massively. The developers and the internal quality assurance team were both unable to identify the reason behind the crash. Hundreds of Crowdtesters, with different combinations of Samsung devices and Android OS versions, were dispatched to find and reproduce the bug and then document the test results. With the help of the reports and crash logs they submitted, the problem was identified within 24 hours and could finally be fixed.




Solution Consultant QA & UX

Do you have questions about Bug Bounty? Would you like to have more information on how we can help you make your digital products even better? Just send us a message, one of our Solution Consultants will be happy to get in touch with you.

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