Bug Bounty

All software has its weaknesses. Some are already known while others are discovered by coincidence. Whether you have security issues or other system wide critical bugs, let the crowd be your bounty hunters and improve your digital products!

The challenge: hidden bugs with serious consequences

Most enterprises are familiar with this issue. Even after the Internal QA department performs countless amounts of tests, there are still weaknesses in the software. Some of these appear regularly without any clues indicating what the cause could be with no signs appearing in the code either. Or customers stumble upon issues by coincidence while using the product. The severity of these defects comes in a wide range, from features that refuse to work to serious issues that threaten security, which can damage the reputation and have a negative influence on the economic success of a company. This is often due to the fact that the person or team responsible for development is unable to remain objective about their own product. Similarly, internal quality assurance teams cannot guarantee to locate all defects and, last but not least, thanks to the limited selection of test devices available it is impossible to predict how digital products will function in the real world.

The solution: The crowd hunts down software issues

Multiple heads are better than one. Using the help of the crowd, serious and complex system errors as well as small recurring bugs in functionality that negatively influence software by, for example, lowering the ranking in the app store, can be discovered. Have you experienced a software defect that repeatedly appears but are unable to figure out why it keeps reoccurring? The crowd is able to help you find the cause and can simultaneously provide you with useful information in the form of test reports and crash logs to finally reproduce the system error. Also, to reveal security gaps based on weak spots in the sectors SQL injection, XSS or CSRF, a crowd consisting of experienced specialists can be used. This allows you to identify security issues before your customers or even professional hackers do. As a client you only pay for defects found – the digital form of bounty hunting!

The Benefits of Bug Bounties

  • Over 250,000 Crowdtesters worldwide with different backgrounds
  • Experienced security specialists
  • Real-life conditions, no lab testing
  • Individual test designs
  • Search for causes using exploratory troubleshooting
  • Bounty hunt bonuses for severe program errors
  • Fast results thanks to a large amount of testers
  • Confidentiality agreement and NDA with the testers

Take the quality of your applications to the next level!

How it looks in practice

One of our clients from the software industry has had to fight repeatedly with a reappearing bug, which caused the company’s app to crash on Samsung devices and lowered the rating in the Google Play Store. The developers and the internal quality assurance team were both unable to identify the reason for the crash. Several hundred crowdtesters, each with a different Samsung device and a variety of operating systems, were tasked with reproducing the bug and documenting it in an easy to understand manner. With the help of the crash logs they submitted, the problem was identified within 24 hours and could finally be fixed.

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