Load and Performance Testing

A high level of performance is a necessity. Poorly running systems can lead to significant consequences for any company. Load and performance tests are essential to ensure that your software is able to handle a large amount of users.

The challenge: Performance of a system under high load is unknown and varies

When optimising software, functionality and usability are often the main focus. Seeing as websites and apps are meant to be flawless and easy to use, there are other non-functional requirements that often get swept under the rug, such as performance and stability. Website or app loading times need to be as short as possible and when it comes to minimizing the frustration and disappointment of users, every millisecond counts. Unfortunately, even when software has been successfully tested in a laboratory environment for load and reaction times, various issues still remain unaddressed, such as: How does the system perform under real-life conditions or when using different network providers? What happens if thousands of users want to access the software simultaneously?

The solution: Load and performance testing using the cloud and crowd

Our solution consists of two components. The first is responsible for generating the load, while the second provides backend analysis and gives qualitative feedback from all the individual crowdtesters who participate in the test. To generate the load, we offer our clients two possibilities, which depending on the application can be used in staged environments as well as in a live scenario, each with or without a VPN. On the one hand, load can be generated through external cloud solutions, while on the other way only offered by Testbirds, would be to create the load using our crowd. We rely on testers with different network providers who can create an enormous load on premise. By also using JMeter, the results tend to be extremely close to reality. Other than the analysis of various indicators on behalf of the backend, testers have tools such as FireBirds that are being used to track KPIs. Furthermore, you can choose to learn more about the individual tester’s experiences of load times through questionnaires

The Benefits of Load and Performance Testing

  • Load generation using the crowd with the help of tools such as JMeter
  • Real-life results achieved by testing with different network providers
  • Consumer feedback on performance through questionnaires and videos
  • Standardized backend KPI analysis and reporting
  • Definition of KPIs, load patterns and test cases

Take the quality of your applications to the next level!

How it looks in practice

Does my online store stand up to the Christmas rush? What would happen if after broadcasting a TV commercial during prime time, thousands of users begin simultaneously searching for my green sweater with reindeer designs on my online store? One of our clients wanted to answer these questions by using our innovative testing solutions. To do so, he relied on a combination of cloud and crowd technology. Using our external generation tool, the necessary load was created. At the same time, 200 testers on iOS and Android smartphones with differing network providers performed ten previously defined test cases on a 4G connection. Afterwards the testers answered qualitative and quantitative questions, which were then aggregated and evaluated by one of our project managers. Together with the subjective feedback of the testers, the KPI analysis has been used to better prepare the system for the next big Christmas shopping spree.

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