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The Testbirds Team

The Founders



Over the weekend Georg can be seen cruising in his car throughout Europe. At Testbirds he is responsible for all finances as well as developing our services.



Markus fails miserably at losing his southwestern accent. He handles all internal and external communications as well as the expansion of the Testbirds Crowd.



Philipp is responsible for our internationalization and sales. For him, usability means that his mum can use the application effortlessly.

Project Management

pm team-adrian-en


Did someone say “bug”? What annoys Adrian the most is when they affect his personal hobbies, especially while using apps/websites for outdoor sports.

pm team-daan-en


Daan manages projects that fly in from Benelux but stays on his own two feet while doing so.

pm team-david-en


Together with our customers, David goes bug-hunting as they are the natural enemy of anyone with a passion for coding, technology and software development.

pm team-franzi-en


Whether trips, excursions or morning routines, Franzi loves to plan. She uses this skill extensively at Testbirds by taking every project personally.


pm team-frida-en


Frida is a Swedish bird that flew to Munich to join the project management team. Coming from the north, the weather here is a welcome change. Frida also likes animals. All animals except bugs!

pm team-gabi-en


Together with the crowd and her hearty Bavarian attitude, Gabi examines apps and websites for usability and functionality issues. In addition, Gabi is a big fan of fitness, health food and… chocolate cake.

pm team-carina-h-EN


In her free time Carina looks for the perfect wave. As a project manager at Testbirds she looks for bugs and the best way to optimize the usability of our customers’ products.

pm team-chinasa g-EN


As the real-life Batman of Appville, Chinasa simply won’t let any bugs, malfunctions, or usability villains get away from him. When he isn’t doing battle, he can often be found in some of London’s trendiest hangouts.

pm team-tamara s-EN


From Bavaria to Down Under Tamara rocks all music festivals and concerts. In project management, she searches for the best performance for the costumer.

pm team-louis w-EN


Rumored as a leading food critic, dancer & comedian Louis heads up our Project Management team from the heart of the UK. Okay, maybe only the PM part is true.

pm team-arno vdb-EN


"When you play, play hard; when you work, don’t play at all." This quote describes Arno, one of Testbirds’ project managers based in Amsterdam.

pm team-Daniel-EN


In the late evening, Daniel likes to relax with a few shots in the gym. On the job he comes up with the best tactics for tests.

Crowd & Community

crowd team-andy-en


Andy simultaneously acts as a psychologist and a motivator. He is the contact person for our tester community and awards the BOTM every month.

crowd team-sören-en


Originally form the windy North, Sören recently moved to the South of Germany after a four month stopover in London. His taste for bad jokes should help him thrive as a Crowd manager.

crowd team-Thais-EN


Thaís supports English speaking testers. Like our Crowd, she’s “global” and lived in Brazil, UK & Hong Kong before landing in our Munich Nest to resume her world domination!


sales team-bene-en


For Bene, iOS definitely beats Android. As a key account manager though, he acquires projects for all kinds of operating systems and devices.

sales team-ferdi-en


Ferdi is a sales bird; therefore, he helps our clients by getting them the tests they need. Also, he will beat you at FIFA.

sales team-hans-en


Hans likes to visit us in his mobile home to refuel his Testbirds spirit. As sales and business development manager he works with our clients in the Benelux countries.

sales team-tish-en


Tish loves animals and likes to sing, so working at Testbirds is a natural fit. As a British girl, Tish's mission is to conquer the UK market out of London.

sales team-michi-en


If Michi isn’t working on client acquisition, you can find him pursuing his other passion: playing Mario Kart on N64.

sales team-mounir-en


When the enthusiastic cineaste Mounir saw Birdman, he decided to become a Sales Bird. Since then he works in the DACH team to be as successful as the movie was at the 2015 Oscars.

sales team-wes-en


His Galaxy Note from the US was incompatible with our European networks. Wesley himself doesn’t have that problem as he dives head first into Testbirds’ business development.

sales team-suzanne-en


Suzanne loves music.  As a student she worked in the club where the Beatles were discovered and the Star Wars theme moved her to tears.  At Testbirds, she’ll grow the fledgling UK business as UK Country Manager.

country manager-andrew-m-EN


Andrew is our waterbird, as a boat geek he loves being on the water. Therefore, it’s no wonder that he loves his role as Country Manager, where he leads the Benelux team from our Amsterdam office by the canals.



In our office Alexandru is responsible for the generation and qualification of leads. On his holidays it’s all about the outdoors instead: He loves hitchhiking through Europe and getting to know new people.

sales team-maxi w-EN


As a passionate skier he is looking for the best way in deep snow. At Testbirds, too, he brings his customers to their destination quickly.

sales team-peter b-EN


In Amsterdam, Peter is on the lookout for opportunities to fly out to new customers. When he can get away with it, he will go off the beaten path and head into the forest.

sales team-Martin-EN


Martin’s passion is mainly sports and sneakers. In the nest he supports the sales team DACH to be responsive to needs and test requests of our customers at its best.

sales team-Christopher-EN


As part of Philipp’s expansion and sales team, Chris helps our birds discover Scandinavia and face the cold north. In his leisure, he loves to cook but even more to eat.




Heidrun keeps a cool head in our accounting department. She juggles invoices, expenses and much more

PR & Marketing

marketing team-bree-en


Bree loves a good story and often gets inspired by the ways they are told. For Testbirds, he tells the story of crowdtesting in the Benelux region.

marketing team-maxi-en


Once upon a time, Maxi wanted to become the prime minister or a formula 1 driver. Today, he makes us visible on the web. Apart from that you can find him cycling, watching movies or playing snooker.

marketing team-sahil-en


As a writer, Sahil spends his free time creating fiction in a number of different forms. Drawing upon that same creativity, he strives to make Testbirds synonymous with crowdtesting in the UK market.

marketing team-Felix-EN


At night - at least in the summertime - one can see Felix cruising around Munich on his old Vespa, by day he jumps into everything related to Marketing and PR at Testbirds.

marketing team-Susanne-EN


Susanne likes to talk a lot and therefore is responsible for Marketing and PR. In the evening after work she shows her quiet side when doing yoga and meditation.

marketing team-franzi-en


Franzi makes sure that the marketing office is always well fed (usually with healthy food). Her unpronounceable last name comes from her Polish origins.

marketing team-Jonna-EN


Although Jonna has roots in both Sweden and Norway, she rather spend her time in warmer latitudes. At Testbirds her focus is to build a brand that will conquer the Nordics.


dev team-andrey-en


Andrey works as a system administrator and ensures that our servers function properly. In his free time he likes to do spontaneous trips.

dev team-boris-en


Boris proudly calls himself a nerd and works full steam ahead on our product: TestChameleon

dev team-christine-en


As product owner Christine works to enhance our Nest every day. She also knows pretty much all the (good) TV series there are.

dev team-daniel-en


As a jogger Daniel likes to go on long runs. When optimizing our nest, quick sprints are not a problem for him either.

dv team-david-en


Besides his studies in Informatics, David supports our team by enhancing TestChaneleon. In his free time he cultivates spooky Halloween pumpkins in his garden.

dev team-louisa-en


Be it on foot or by bike, Louisa is always happy to be on the move and not even mountains could stand in her way. Similarly, when it comes to testing, no obstacle or bug is too big for her.

dev team-octavian-EN


The heart of a designer and the brain of an engineer makes Octavian toggle between pixels and code, always trying to make everything easier for our users.

dev team-felix k-EN


Felix loves sailing in his leisure time. At sea he is into navigation and at Testbirds he keeps the TestChameleon™ development on course.

dev team-Mandy-EN


Mandy has joined the development team as an intern. She loves spending time in her garden and of course, always has something homemade for lunch.

dev team-Jonas-EN


In the fall many birds migrate to the south, Jonas too, however he only got as far away from Hamburg as Munich to overwinter here in the team for TestChameleon.

Human Resources

hr team-kathrin-en


Kathrin cares for the Testbirds family and is responsible for finding new team members. She loves shoes and apparently has a pair for every occasion.

hr team-christine-z-EN


When Tine isn’t reading an exciting thriller, she manages new and potential applicants and will make a bird out of you!

hr team-Ramona-EN


Although Ramona likes to move around the houses as a German “Funkenmariechen”, she keeps a cool head during the selection of talented applicants.

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