The Founders

  • georg-hansbauer-managing-director-testbirds


    Over the weekend Georg can be seen cruising in his car throughout Europe. At Testbirds he is responsible for all finances as well as developing our services.
  • markus-steinhauser-coo-testbirds


    Markus fails miserably at losing his southwestern accent. He handles all internal and external communications as well as the expansion of the Testbirds crowd.
  • philipp-benkler-managing-director-co-founder-testbirds


    Philipp is responsible for our internationalisation and sales. For him, usability means that his mum can use the application effortlessly.

Project Management

  • adrian-ressel-project-management


    Did someone say “bug”? What annoys Adrian the most is when they affect his personal hobbies, especially while using apps/websites for outdoor sports.
  • daan-littley-project-management


    Daan manages projects that fly in from Benelux but stays on his own two feet while doing so.
  • david-lukele-project-management


    Together with our customers, David goes bug-hunting as they are the natural enemy of anyone with a passion for coding, technology and software development.
  • frida-astvik-project-management


    Frida is a Swedish bird that flew to Munich to join the project management team. Coming from the north, the weather here is a welcome change. Frida also likes animals. All animals except bugs!
  • carina-hartig-project-management


    In her free time Carina looks for the perfect wave. As a project manager at Testbirds, she looks for bugs and the best way to optimise the usability of our customers’ products.
  • joscha-kriebler-project-management


    In his free time Joscha shoots short travel films. As a project manager, he helps putting our clients’ products into the spotlight.
  • louis-project-management


    Rumored as a leading food critic, dancer & comedian Louis heads up our project management team from the heart of the UK. Okay, maybe only the PM part is true.
  • tessa-project-management


    Tessa loves to explore foreign cultures – real or fictional. At Testbirds, she explores apps and websites and is always on the lookout for bugs and UX issues.
  • andreas-project-mangement


    Andreas loves trading card games and exciting mangas. Except for captivating use cases he also always has an ace up his sleeve.
  • Annemarie - Project Management UX & Usability


    Annemarie combines scientific psychology with pragmatic project management for quick insights into usability and UX. Privately, she gains insight on minimalistic trekking tours.
  • willemijn-project-management


    As a psychologist Willemijn gets into our testers’ minds to get the best usability results. In her free time she loves to hit the dancefloor trying out her Spanish moves.
  • stefan-krötzinger


    If Stefan isn’t in the office managing projects, you’ll probably find him exhibiting his pop culture trivia, appreciating good food or exploring a new country (well, maybe then you won’t find him).
  • claudia-rogge-project-management


    Claudia loves to discover new places of her adopted city Munich. Here, as a project manager, she is in search for bugs and optimising the user experience.
  • jannes-davids-project-management


    Our nordish Bird built himself a nest in Munich. If he is not practicing his football skills he spends his time testing software.
  • charlotte-project-management


    At work Charlotte hunts for bugs with our crowd in digital environments. In her free time she enjoys the analog world by sailing the beautiful lakes of Netherlands.
  • christopher-webb-project-management


    Originally from the UK, Chris is based in the international office in Amsterdam. When not playing Guitar he likes nothing better than a cup of tea to remind him of home.
  • anna_renner_projektmanagement


    As a cognitive psychologist and UX-enthusiast Anna gets to the bottom of users’ needs. She speaks five languages and has lived in several big cities worldwide.
  • Felix Eisenbach Testbirds img


    At the weekend, Felix loves exploring the nearby mountains and nature around Munich. During the week, he gets to know everything about Testbirds as a trainee.
  • Christina_Tietz


    With her Swabian dialect, Christina provides plenty of variety in the Munich office. Her mission: to make our customers' products even better through UX and QA tests.
  • christian-black-white


    When Christian is not striving for new personal bests with Freeletics, he is getting an overview at Testbirds as a trainee and explores all departments.
  • michaela-strangmüller


    As a genuine "Münchner Kindl", Michaela always spreads enthusiasm for her hometown. Apart from UX projects, she prefers to celebrate Bavarian "Gemütlichkeit" at the Isar.
  • Oriane-baratte


    A Londoner at heart, Oriane fled Brexit for Amsterdam to fight French stereotypes, bugs, and the patriarchy.
  • rick-de-groot


    Pure product of the Netherlands, Rick and his blond hair are here to help clients reach the best possible UX quality.
  • georg_hagemann_project-management


    Besides playing football and bragging constantly about how great his year abroad in Canada has been, Georg works as a Project Manager. He is especially interested in UX.
  • elisabeth-pogrzeba


    As a project manager, Elisa bridges the gap between our customers and their target groups. She likes to recharge her batteries in the valleys of her hometown Garmisch-Partenkirchen.
  • Max-Emanuel-hoffmann


    Early mornings you can meet Max surfing on the Eisbach wave. As a project manager, the UX evangelist consults our customers in the testing and conception of user-friendly products.

Crowd & Community

  • andreas-köck-crowd-management


    Andy simultaneously acts as a psychologist and a motivator. He is the contact person for our tester community and awards the BOTM every month.
  • thais-santos-paulo


    Thaís supports English speaking testers. Like our crowd, she’s “global” and lived in Brazil, UK & Hong Kong before landing in our Munich Nest to resume her world domination!
  • kristina-ohr-crowd-management


    Kristina likes to go hiking and camping in the summer. In the Community Team she helps testers with landing in the nest and takes care of special target groups.
  • jan-testbirds


    Popculture, entertainment, news and sports junkie - actively and passively. With all the time that is left, Jan serves the Testbirds Crowd.
  • Marcel

    The passion for gaming lead to Marcel's first job in community management, where he found his calling. At Testbirds, he takes care of all the needs of the crowd.
  • andie-hilliar


    Coming all the way from Australia, Andie helps to support and grow our awesome Crowd. She loves travelling and exploring Europe and her new home in Germany.


  • Benedikt Merk


    For Benedikt, iOS definitely beats Android. As a key account manager though, he acquires projects for all kinds of operating systems and devices.
  • michael-beilfuß-sales


    If Michael isn’t working on client acquisition, you can find him pursuing his other passion: playing Mario Kart on N64.
  • andrew-director-international-markets


    Andrew is our waterbird, as a boat geek he loves being on the water. Therefore, it’s no wonder that he loves his role as Director of International Markets, where he leads the team from our Amsterdam office.
  • fabian-goldstein-sales


    In his spare time, Fabian hunts for anything with a heartbeat to capture with his camera. For Testbirds he’s on the hunt for new opportunities in sales.
  • carl-fryer-sales


    Carl is an active individual who struggles to sit still. You’ll often find him flying about, especially when building the UK business out of the London office.
  • maurice-montalbano-business-development-analyst


    As a kick boxer, Maurice is always looking for sparring partners. For the sales team, he usually crunches only numbers and provides new analyses.
  • moritz-herrmann-sales


    In his private life, Moritz loves to discover new countries. In the sales team, he is responsible for discovering new business opportunities.
  • dennis-de-rijke-sales


    Once born in a small village but now enjoying life in the city, Dennis works for the international sales team in Amsterdam.
  • max-kerscher-cameron-head-of-sales-dach


    Max spends his free time on his family, water sports and mountain biking. At Testbirds, he is the Head of Sales DACH and responsible for the commercial success in German-speaking region.
  • benedikt_bauer


    Ben loves to talk 24/7. Hence he is a perfect fit for our sales team. Whether in private or in discussion with the customer, Ben knows how to handle conversations.
  • Maarten-testbirds-sales


    Maarten comes from planet earth and likes to keep it real: He turns challenges into a digital story that speaks to a world we live in today.
  • richard-waldner-head-of-partner-management


    As the oldie of the Testbirds troupe and Carinthian, his expertise not only covers culinary "Austrian specialities", but he also scores high with his experience in the partner business. Richard is responsible for partner management.
  • carsten-stolz-sales


    Flown in from the far north of Germany to Munich, Carsten not only cares for our customers, but also for his budgies and his beloved guitar collection.

Customer Success Management

  • kathrin-müller-sales


    At Testbirds, Kathrin finds the right testing strategy for our clients. Personally, she likes to discover foreign cultures, new sports activities and nice cafés.
  • sören-sdun-customer-success


    Not only did Sören travel to the other Testbirds offices, but he also gathered experience in several departments. This expertise enables him to consult our clients perfectly.


  • michael-bloemen-office-management


    It is unusual not to find Michael diving 30m below sea level, but when he’s not underwater he’s making sure everyone has everything they need – like a bird takes care of its nest.
  • benji-office-dog


    Benji works as office dog at Testbirds. He likes to bury bones in flowerpots. In his free time he goes for a walk in the mountains or hunts mice.
  • cara_winter


    You can count on Cara! When she's not looking after the Birdies' finances, she likes watching a series marathon or dancing at one or another open air event.

PR & Marketing

  • maxi


    Once upon a time, Maximilian wanted to become the prime minister or a formula 1 driver. Today, he makes us visible on the web. Apart from that you can find him cycling, watching movies or playing snooker.
  • stephanie-fischer-design


    Our graphic designer Stephanie listens to our birds and visualizes relevant information throughout all channels. Also privately her heart beats for design: Good art, photography and architecture make her happy.
  • Markus-Hatzelmann


    Markus is responsible for the online appearances of the Testbirds. Should he be offline, he has been trying for years in the high art of golf - unfortunately in vain.
  • Eliakin-Nogueira-Business-Analyst


    Eliakin works as a data analyst at Testbirds. When not analysing data, one can find him hiking at the Bavarian Forest or looking for philosophy books at the nearest bookstore.
  • tobi-testbirds


    Tobias is responsible for further development and implementation of our brand and communication strategy. In his spare time, he enjoys gardening and spends his holidays travelling with the family.
  • simone-groß


    When Simone is not working on superb texts for Testbirds, she and her horse live it up on the tournament areas in Bavaria.
  • regina-heiss


    Regina supports the marketing team.
  • dorie-marketing-dog


    For the unlikely case that we run out of ideas, Dorie is the backup plan for our social media strategy. Until then she enjoys tender loving care from her colleagues.
  • fredrik-forss-marketing


    After growing up all over our beautiful planet, it made sense for Fredrik to join our team and be responsible for our international marketing efforts.
  • alex -vasquez-developer-testing-specialist


    Alex is our website developer. He comes from Venezuela and really loves football - watching and playing.
  • sarah-wimmer-marketing-testing-specialist


    Sarah takes care of PR, marketing and events. When she's not organizing or creating new texts, she likes to travel the world.


  • sargis-development


    Sargis is a frontend developer who knows how to create web interfaces for humans. Family, friends, food and football, it’s all about him.
  • daniel-dumbrava-technical-lead-nest


    As a jogger Daniel likes to go on long runs. When optimising our Nest, quick sprints are not a problem for him either.
  • david-punzet-development


    Besides his studies in informatics, David supports our team by enhancing TestChameleon. In his free time he cultivates spooky Halloween pumpkins in his garden.
  • felix-kuperjans-development


    Felix loves sailing in his leisure time. At sea he is into navigation and at Testbirds he keeps the TestChameleon development on course.
  • sagar-development


    At Testbirds, he works as a java developer adding new features and killing bugs in TestChameleon. Other than programming, he loves traveling, photography and cooking. Fun fact: He never says no to food 😉
  • julian-development


    Besides his computer science studies, Julian supports the development of TestChameleon. In his free time, he develops outdoor strategies with his husky Sam.
  • konstantyn-development


    Kostiantyn will instantly become friends with anyone who can pronounce his name correctly. At Testbirds he develops TestChameleon and his coffee addiction.
  • katja-schuck


    Katja is always searching things. At home keys, single sox, cooking recipes and her glasses. For us, she searches for bugs and discrepancies in the Nest.
  • mate-kovacs


    Through iterative design processes Máté aims to bring the best user experience to our customers. You can also meet him at UX meetups around Munich.
  • Dmitry-grigansky-development


    Dmitry likes to spend time with his family, he enjoys hiking and any other outdoor activities. As an Apple expert at Testbirds, Dmitry is responsible for developing and maintaining our iOS tools.
  • Anton-butenko-development


    Anton likes traveling, and listening to and playing music. At Testbirds, he takes care of IT infrastructure for the company's products.

Human Resources

  • kathrin-doering-human-resources


    Kathrin takes at least as much care for our employees and their professional & personal development as she does for her extensive shoe collection.
  • christine-zindath-human-resources


    When Tine isn’t reading an exciting thriller, she manages new and potential applicants and will make a bird out of you!
  • stefanie-rieger-human-resources


    Being a coffee lover Stefanie starts each day with a mug of coffee. Highly energetic and motivated she then takes care of Testbirds’ recruitment.
  • louis-dog


    Louis is the Dog Resources Manager for our office dogs. He likes to pursue his favorite hobbies - chewing and tussling - at his workplace.