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Human Resources

Hi, I’m Kathrin. Our purpose in the human resources team is to live and spread Testbirds values and culture. We want to create an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and appreciated.

Fun Fact: Our office has been elected the most beautiful and decorative one for four or five times in a row, in a more or less official survey.

What happens in Human Resources?

Working on our employer brand

As a go-to-person for our applicants and employees we take care of a lot of different requests every day. Stefanie and Christine are in charge of the application and onboarding process. They get in touch with potential candidates via social media platforms, conduct interviews, and help new Birdies get settled in. Kathrin is responsible for personal and organizational development. She develops trainings like the “Public Speaking Bootcamp” or workshops about our Orga 4.0 principles and values at Testbirds.

We shouldn’t forget Louis as our dog relations manager. He takes on the toughest task – protecting the HR office (mostly while asleep) 😉

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