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Hi, I’m Jana and part of the Marketing team. We tell the world about the benefits of crowdtesting, take care of the Testbirds website, create all our shiny marketing collaterals, and are responsible for the event management, e.g. for fairs and exhibitions.

Fun Fact: We have quite a few hidden talents on our team: actors, parachute flyers, gardening influencers, manga collection owners, and language experts. There are also some wild drink preferences in our team (flat Coke and Red Bull) and unusual ways of writing texts – as one of our team members can write backwards.

What happens in Marketing?

Spreading the word about crowdtesting

We’re a very intercultural team from Romania, Italy and Germany, and are responsible for communicating all the benefits of the Testbirds crowdtesting services to the world. We’re organized into the sub-teams Creative, Digital Marketing & Marketing Operations, and Content & Communications, but we still work very closely together.

For most of our bigger projects, all of us contribute in one way or another and we discuss every milestone in our weekly Marketing Jour Fixe. When we plan an event, for example, some of us oversee the planning and organizational part, the content creators join the project and write about it in our blog or craft texts for the landing page, which gets prepared and set up by the Marketing Operations team. Of course, we want everything to look nice and fancy – our two designers make that happen. Birds fly better together – and so do we!

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