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Office Management

Hi, I’m Micha. As a one-man-show I make sure everything runs smoothly throughout the office organization. I also organize our internal events like the popular Birds Fly Out, the Testbirds birthday summer party, or the Christmas party.

What happens in Office Management?

Keep the nest a good nest

In Office Management no day is like the other. There are always new challenges to tackle, but that’s what makes this job so exciting. Whenever someone needs support with organizational tasks, or when new colleagues are starting at Testbirds, I am the first contact person, and always try to find a solution!

By the way, I am not really a one-man-team as I was “adopted” by the HR department. There are many common tasks and projects in HR+OM, the highlight being the Friday “Kaffeeklatsch” with cookies, cake, ice-cream, … 😊.

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