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Hi, I’m Cara. In Finance, not only do we manage our fellow Birds’ salaries, but we also make sure our clients and suppliers receive their invoices, and of course our testers get paid. We also provide reports on various KPIs to all departments so that objective decisions can be made with full transparency.

Fun Fact: We love being in touch with all our colleagues around the world and turn a usual call regarding “boring” finance-related questions into an update into what’s going on in our professional and personal lives – making us the best-informed department of all 😊

What happens in Finance?

It's all about the numbers

Most of our clients have very specific requirements when it comes to invoicing and payments. We typically register in a supplier portal, provide relevant tax information, ensure purchase orders are raised properly and enable our clients to pay our invoices.

At the end of each month, we close our books in all legal entities, consolidate group financials, and generate a financial reporting document for our management and external stakeholders. Once a year we also manage an audit by one of the Big 4 audit firms.

Cash management is also part of our tasks. We make sure liquidity is distributed properly across all our bank accounts in the required currencies.

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