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Crowd Management

Hi, I’m Birte. As Crowd managers we are in direct contact with our testers in the Crowd! We hire new testers as well as motivating them to take part in our tests.

What happens in Crowd Management?

Growing and nurturing our valuable testers

The Crowd team is split into two sub-teams of native German speakers and native English speakers. In total we’re a very international team, with members from Germany, Austria, England, Brazil, and Australia.

A day as a Crowd manager may look like this: It starts with marking some Entry Tests, which are our way of educating new testers and ensuring that they familiarize themselves with the quality of tests we expect. Next, we might tackle some tester emails, ensuring that we support our testers with whatever they need. Then it’s time for project work! One of our project managers is struggling to get the right number of testers for a project. They need testers with tablets in China, Japan, and Korea and there aren’t enough testers in the Nest. It’s our job to find the remaining testers and ensure the client is happy!

We often share what we get up to on our Instagram, follow us at @testbirdscrowd for more!

Also, we have a real “Testbird” in our team as one of our Crowd managers has her own bird! “Bitz” (a Cinnamon green-cheeked conure) sometimes even joins meetings, perched on her owner’s shoulder. Talk about being ‘on brand’…!

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