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Usability and UX Study

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Usability Testing Definition: What is UX and Usability Testing?

UX and usability testing is the most common way to use different usability testing methods in order to find out how usable your digital product is from a human-centred design framework perspective. The real advantage of this qualitative user experience study is the focus on what users do – not what they say. Testers might not tell you that they struggled with something because they think it’s their own fault but you’ll always be able to recognize from their body language if they’re struggling with a task.

The aim is to observe real people’s behaviour and reactions while they interact with your website, app, or any other digital product. UX testing is a smart way to test the usability of your product by watching real users complete pre-defined tasks using usability testing software.

Testing is a necessary step on your way to customer loyalty by creating an enjoyable user experience design. User testing with a UX and usability study helps you find parts of your product that confuses users and will give you vital input on how to improve your overall user experience.

Different Types of Usability Testing

There are different usability testing tools regardless if you’re doing website usability testing, a mobile usability test, or a UX test for any other digital product.

Usability Test: Moderated or Unmoderated

In moderated tests, there’s always a researcher present in person or remotely, who introduces the test to the participants, answers questions, and has the opportunity to ask testers additional questions. The direct interaction leads to in-depth insights – but of course, makes it more cost- and time-intensive. 

In contrast, no one is present to support the testers during unmoderated tests. Most of the time, testers will be performing the assigned tasks at home and on their own devices. That’s why the usability test script and a proper test scenario is crucial here. But this also means unmoderated tests are cheaper and sometimes quicker than moderated ones. Nevertheless, answers also tend to be more superficial and you don’t have the opportunity to ask additional questions. 

If you’re more interested in the reasons why users behave in a certain way then a moderated test might be suitable for you. If you want to test a very specific use case or observe behaviour patterns, an unmoderated test can be suitable instead.

Remote or In-Person Usability Testing

Usability testing can either be done remotely, over the phone or the Internet, or in person, with the researcher being physically present with the tester. The social component of in-person testing shouldn’t be underestimated as researchers get the chance to observe and analyze body language and mannerisms of the testers. But of course, this is more time-consuming than meeting them remotely. 

The advantage of remote usability and UX tests definitely lies in the opportunity to have large numbers of testers involved from all over the world – with a significantly low effort. Usually, getting feedback from your target group(s) might be difficult if your product is made for multiple regions or languages. However, testing remotely allows you to query customers from around the world and ensure the usability of your product across all markets.

If you want a deeper understanding of potential usability issues you should consider an in-person setup, but if you prefer a broader set of results or need to test with a variety of target groups a remote setup might be more appropriate.


The Challenge: the right product for your target group?

You’ve spent weeks, months, or even years to develop your new digital product and you’re sure it’s the best that it can be – but do your users think so too? Will they be able to find everything and will they have a positive user experience? Meeting customer expectations is probably your biggest ambition, and at the same time your biggest concern.

That’s why you might have the wish to validate your prototype, confirm that your product meets your users’ expectations, and identify issues before they harm the go-to-market of your product or your reputation. All with the aim of providing a better customer experience.

Operational blindness prevents companies from having an objective perspective, and rarely are the requirements of end-users conveniently evident. Therefore, a continuous comparison between your digital product and your end user’s expectations is necessary. Do the products and services match the brand? Is the online navigation structure intuitive and comprehensive? This access to the unbiased feedback of consumers is, however, often cost-intensive and time-consuming.

It is a necessity for test cases in software quality assurance to be extremely detailed. This is especially true when considering aspects such as the prerequisites that must be fulfilled upon creation, or every single step that testers will perform and the expected outcomes. However, this is only achievable if companies have the ability and knowhow to write concrete test cases. When we’re talking about special situations like automated software testing or QA automation, you won’t get too far without an experienced partner by your side.

The Solution: UX and Usability Study

All the questions above are answered by doing a UX and Usability Study. Together with our experienced Project Managers, you’ll define the research goals and the test setup for your project. Will the study be moderated or unmoderated, do you want to participate in the interviews, shall they be in-person or remote tests? We adapt our offer to your specific needs and product requirements.

After initial setup, the Testbirds experts provide a solid usability testing plan, a test script, and the usability testing questions, all designed to make sure testers encounter the same problems that your users do. Our goal is to test the use cases in realistic conditions to ensure that they represent real user journeys.

After the test, our project managers gather your customer feedback, analyze it, and give advice on how to optimize UI design and UX design of your mobile app, website, or digital product. That way we can secure user feedback that helps you develop an excellent customer experience and a customer-centric user interface.

Questions on a product’s user-friendliness are best asked to end-users themselves. Crowdtesting with Testbirds provides you with an unbiased testing group that matches your target group and thoroughly checks the usability and/or user experience of your software. Be it websites, apps, wearables, games, or smart devices: our testers determine how usable your software is in real-world conditions, and provide detailed feedback that helps you enhance quality. In addition, testing the entire user experience is possible and comes with multiple advantages. The test investigates all aspects that contribute to a positive or negative opinion of your company, from user’s expectations along the entire customer journey.

“The fact that you have access to a very large pool of testers, with difference characteristics, backgrounds and devices, makes testing with Testbirds truly unique. […] The testers always see things we may not have noticed or considered, which makes their feedback not only valuable, but indispensable.”

Remco Vink

Functional Application Manager, Landal GreenParks

Our project manager Willemijn will happily explain it to you. Want to know more – just click the video and see how it works and how your digital product could profit from our service.

Usability and UX Study

How does it work?

“The test results gave us very good indications of what we need to attach special importance to in further development. […] With the feedback we can further adapt our constantly renewed appearance to the needs of the readers.”

Johannes Vogel

Geschäftsführer, Süddeutsche Zeitung Digitale Medien GmbH




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