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Remote Interviews

Limited time, faraway locations, and specific device needs can make it complicated to test your digital product. Remote Interviews are the perfect solution.



Easy, direct, and immediate communication with testers


Guide and redirect testers in real time to gain detailed usability feedback


Complete flexibility in regard to testing manuscript


Experienced UX consultants support you throughout the project


Use Remote Interviews to take the quality of your digital products to the next level!


What is a Remote Interview?

In the field of user experience research (UX research), Remote Interviews are moderated remote usability tests where participants and facilitators are in different geographical locations but in the same virtual location.

Remote Interviews are closely related to Remote Usability Videos. The main difference is that you have the chance to interact and communicate directly with the testers during a Remote Interview. This allows you to ask clarifying or elaborating questions, or help the tester if he or she struggles with a task.


The Challenge: Testing in different locations, on different devices, and on a tight schedule

Time for testing is almost always limited. Your digital product is basically done and “just” needs some testing before you can release it. Or you’re in the middle of your development cycle and only need a “quick” test to double-check that you’re on the right track. Whatever the reasons are, most of the time you’re facing a very tight schedule. This time pressure makes it impossible to think about in-person meetings, especially when there’s travelling involved as well.

When developing a new digital product, your market probably isn’t concentrated to just the 100km radius around your headquarters. Most digital products are made for users in several different locations, if not worldwide. However, you wouldn’t choose to run face-to-face interviews with 50 testers in 30 different locations – that would be inefficient due to the time and cost of setting it up.

Yet, you still want to test your digital product thoroughly with a diverse tester group that represents your target audience as accurately as possible. The testers help you discover usability problems as soon as possible and in turn, enable you to provide the best user experience design for your customers.

The Solution: remotely watch, communicate with, and guide testers during the testing process

So, how do you conduct extensive testing in a short amount of time while still being able to watch and guide testers during the testing process – without even leaving your office? Remote Interviews can be the solution here.

Remote Interviews let you take a look inside your user’s head and maintain control over the testing process. You communicate directly with them and watch their actions over a conference call, while they perform usability testing in real-time. The test setup and execution of the interview can be handled either by yourself or by one of our expert project managers, based on your individual requirements. In addition, the flexibility of Remote Interviews allows you to guide the testing process and adapt the test manuscript based on your tester’s feedback as it takes place. Finally, as you receive feedback on the spot, Remote Interviews are perfectly adapted to implement fixes in short and continuous development cycles.

BMW Motorrad

Usability and UX: Remote Interviews
“With the support of Testbirds and the members of their crowd of testers we were able to detect critical errors and bugs which we had never located within hours before launch. […] We were also impressed by Testbirds’ flexibility and their ideas regarding tester recruitment.”
Jann Kirchhoff | Product Success Manager Connected Ride Digital Services & Apps @ BMW Motorrad


Home loans in the digital age: Interhyp uses mobile app testing

“Especially the fact, that Testbirds was able to find exactly the right testers, was a decisive factor for us to work with them. Only a test with our special target group makes sense for us. Furthermore, the company is a very flexible service provider and has managed our projects quickly and smoothly.”
Dr. Jochen Münchenberg, Founder of the Interhyp Zukunftswerkstatt

Auto Club Europe

ACE Auto Club Europe puts their app to the test

“Testbirds is an excellent service provider and will continue to be our first point of contact when it comes to quality assurance”
Manuela Stauch, Digital Marketing, Auto Club Europe




Solution Consultant QA & UX

Do you have questions about our Remote Interviews? Would you like to have more information on how we can help you make your digital products even better? Just send us a message, one of our Solution Consultants will be happy to get in touch with you.

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