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The Ultimate Testbirds Crowdtesting Glossary

A glossary of key terms about all-things testing, usability, UX, QA and more with Testbirds.


The Ultimate Testbirds Crowdtesting Glossary

A glossary of key terms about all-things testing, usability, UX, QA and more with Testbirds.

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A/B Test

An A/B test is taking a single aspect of your digital product and testing it against a previous version, with the winner decided by the version with the most clicks. This version would then be live on your digital product from that moment onwards. As this can be both time and resource consuming, a better solution could be a Comparison Study.




This exclusive service by Testbirds combines quality assurance (QA) and user experience (UX) testing. Digital products are checked for bugs and malfunctions, and evaluated for their usability and UX.

Here you can learn how you can save costs and time by merging QA and UX feedback.


Black Box Testing

Black box tests are used to detect software errors caused by external factors. Using this testing approach, the software applications are tested from the perspective of the end-user, which involves testers to test the user interface of a digital product.

A black box refers to the user interface of a software, which is the only part of the software that a user sees and thus tests.


BirdCoins are our flexible testing currency that our customers can purchase directly in the Nest. BirdCoins can be used on our entire crowdtesting service portfolio and can be spent flexible and whenever you want.

BirdCoins also allows our customers to reorganize tests for new requirements even while they are running.




Crowdtesting is all about letting real people test your digital products in real-world conditions. By leveraging the collaborative force of testers from around the world, and their collective knowledge, you can test for and realize an elevated level of user-friendliness, usability, and functionality in your digital solutions.

Learn all about crowdtesting here.


Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is an ongoing process to improve the number of conversions made on your site. Conversions can be any action that you want the visitor to take, depending on your goals and what your business offers.

CRO is all about optimizing the customer experience to make the most of your existing traffic. Unlike SEO and paid ads, which are about helping people find you, CRO focuses on providing value that encourages conversions, develops leads, and delivers a competitive advantage once a visitor is on your page.

This useful resource shares how focusing on conversions increases retention, boosts engagement, and can improve your customers’ experience.


Digital Products

These can include websites, mobile applications, games, smart devices, wearables, chatbots, business applications, virtual reality, etc. We can test any digital product or software version.


These can be any physical object with a digital touch, such as an interface or connectivity, and can include smart and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.


The design of products must be easy-to-use, intuitive and meet, even exceed, user expectations. Testing your product’s design with real people in real-world conditions before launch allows you to receive immediate feedback, quickly fine-tune the user experience, and deliver true value for your users.



Exploratory Bug Testing

Testers will take the perspective of a real customer and freely check and explore your digital product, highlighting any bugs that might not have been obvious to you, due to operational blindness.



Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers are a type of wearables and smart device that must be tested well before release to discover their level of functionality and user-friendliness.




GUI, or graphical user interface, is a type of user interface that enables users to interact with digital products through graphical elements. GUI testing refers to the testing of an application’s functionality and graphical elements that are visible to the user.



Our innovative and highly flexible crowdtesting services have won us many honours since our founding in 2012, most notably the best crowdtesting provider in 2020 by German consumer review platform




As IoT devices become smarter and more widespread, they must be secure, safe, and work as intended. Testing in a lab means you can easily miss issues that will occur in the real world.

Here you can discover how real-world IoT device testing can provide the best user experience.




More specifically, the customer journey is every interaction your customer has with your brand and product or service. With digital products merging the virtual world with the real one, the customer journey must be tested to ensure the customer is served seamlessly between both worlds.



Localization Testing

This ensures that your translations are not only correct, but also easily understood by your customers in a contextually accurate and graphically flawless manner. Localization testing allows you to prepare your product for any market and any language.



Mobile Apps

As mobile apps are used by billions of people on a wide variety of devices and operating systems, this can complicate your own app’s development. Whether iOS, Android, native, or hybrid, you need to test the UX and guarantee the QA of your mobile apps and tackle mobile device fragmentation.






Optimization can be defined as a continual process to improve an aspect of your business, for example your customer experience or conversion rate.

Conversion rate optimization is an ongoing process to systematically improve and refine your website based on each visitor’s behavior while they’re on your site. Customer experience optimization is the ongoing process of using relevant feedback from your customers to improve your UX and their journey with your brand.



Prototype Evaluation

As the conceptual phase of a digital product, prototypes bring a certain degree of uncertainty to the development team. Evaluating your prototype with your target group allows you to receive constructive feedback on their user-friendliness. These results and recommendations can be integrated into the development process and keep you on the right track.



Quality Assurance (QA)

QA is a process to ensure the highest quality of digital products. QA testing can help you to search for bugs, security issues, localization problems, and other functional errors. This ensures your product works correctly and is user-friendly on every device, screen resolution, software, and operating system.



Regression Testing

This is the testing of software after a development cycle to ensure that existing functionalities have not been adversely affected. Applications should be tested after their code is rebuilt. Regression testing makes sure that no bugs were accidentally introduced into the new version, and to guarantee that previously fixed bugs do not cause new trouble.

Remote Testing


Structured Bug Testing

As compared to exploratory bug testing, testers follow the test scenario of a specific functionality step-by-step to identify bugs and other malfunctions. Structured bug testing can be used to test each and every functionality of a digital product.


Test Case

A test case describes the conditions and variables under which a tester will examine if a digital product works correctly in small, comprehensible test steps. It is a set of actions executed to verify a particular feature or functionality of the software application. Here’s how you can create a test case.



Usability Testing

This allows you to gain insights from your target group by seeing how they use and interact with your product. Usability testing allows you to identify issues and strengths with your digital products efficiently and easily, with the aim of providing a better customer experience.



Virtual Reality

More specifically, virtual reality (VR) applications are increasingly prominent in business and leisure. Examples include VR headsets, which can provide a truly immersive and interactive experience for its users.




Websites may be well-designed and easy to use, but with the broad spectrum of browsers, their many versions, and different display sizes, there could still be technical errors, such as graphical errors, that can affect conversions.




For us, an experience is an event. More importantly, the customer experience is how you make each customer feel and what you bring to their lives. Providing a good customer experience (CX) allows companies to increase loyalty, profitability, and growth.

This in-depth guide shares everything you need to know about managing and optimizing your customer experience.

An emerging concept is the Total Experience (TX), defined as the combination of the UX, CX, employee experience (EX), and the multi-experience (MX).



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