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Celebrating the Biggest Crowd on Earth


Celebrating the Biggest Crowd on Earth

We’re more than happy to celebrate a big milestone in our Testbirds company history – our Crowd recently reached an unbelievable 400,000 testers!

When Georg, Markus, and Philipp founded Testbirds in 2011, the few testers we had were located mainly in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and now, eight years later, we have a Crowd of 400,000 people located all around the world.

What Testbirds and Our Crowd Can Do for You

Anything and everything! Well, okay, you might think this is a bit exaggerated, but Crowdtesting really does provide a lot of possibilities. We give you the opportunity to test your digital product with real people – your target group, to be even more exact. You can choose from more than 65 criteria to make sure you get exactly the group of people you need. They test your product on their own devices – without bias and in real-world conditions. We have testing experts as well as newbies – just tell us what you need.
Furthermore, Crowdtesting is suitable for every development stageWhether you only have first scribbles, a prototypeor a fully developed product – tester feedback is helpful throughout the entire development process. We help you find the right test for your needs. 

Awesome Crowd Facts

Now, let me impress you with some facts about our Biggest Crowd on Earth.
Currently, we have 400,000 testers with more than 900,000 devices. Our testers are located in 193 countries – yes, that means everywhere in the world! We have 80,780 testers in Germany, 39,390 testers in the United States and 24,970 testers in Great Britain, just to name a few.
This may surprise you, but not all testers are male – we actually have a 60:40 split between male and female testers in our Crowd. Most of our testers are employed or studying, and they tend to be between 25 and 35 years old. However, we also have a bunch of testers as young as your brother or as old as your grandma.

Funny Crowd Facts

Of course, besides all the serious stuff, we’d also like to share some fun facts about our Crowd.
Have you heard of Clipperton Island? We have! Because we have one tester there – even though the island is considered uninhabited.
Sticking to geographical facts, there are 50 people living on the Pitcairn Islands and 5 of them are members of our Crowd. (Disclaimer: Of course, we know that this can’t really be true – but it shows the magic Testbirds can do, having testers where nobody else is able to survive 😉 )

If you’ve ever wondered who finds the most bugs, it’s Bugdetector, who’s really living up to her name! She found more than 3,150 bugs during her time as a tester. Curious how many testers we add every day? In September 2012, we added an average of 7 testers per day. In September 2019, that number has risen to 161 testers a day!

Shoutout to Our Birdmasters (Hi!)

Of course, those 400,000 testers need some attention and management within our different projects and tests. Therefore, we have a great team here at Testbirds that takes care of every single one of them: our great and beloved Birdmasters!
At this point, I’m going to tell you some secrets about them.

First of all, there’s Andy. He’s the one who awards the Bird Of The Month every month – so better be nice to him!
Then we have Thais. She’s secretly working on world domination and she’s already lived in Brazil, UK, Hong Kong, and now Munich.
When Jan isn’t indulging his passion for pop culture, entertainment, news, and sports, you’ll find him taking care of our Testbirds’ Crowd.
Kristina is our go-to when we have a very special target group to find. Looking for female testers from Monaco with a salary higher than 100k a month? Kristina will help you!
Marcel is our man when it comes to gaming – a perfect fit for our community.
Andie came all the way from Australia just to work with our awesome crowd. That’s what we call passion!
Emma is our newest member of the Birdmaster team. She has already visited 35 places around the world and she loves Excel – I know, that’s really strange, but we like her anyway 😉

And now we’ll pop a bottle of champagne and celebrate 400,000 testers before we go back to work on the next milestone – 500,000 testers! Stay tuned, we will let you know as soon as we reach that next goal 🙂


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