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Crowdtesting with the Biggest Crowd on Earth

Power up your digital product with the biggest crowd on Earth – partner with Testbirds, the no. 1 in crowdtesting and testing solutions for UX & UI.

What is crowdtesting?

Crowdtesting means we test and optimise the user-friendliness, usability, and functionality of your digital products under real-world conditions using the collective knowledge of a global online community – our crowd.

Customer-centricity is key – start optimising your digital user experience now

Crowdtesting lets you integrate real end-users, in real-world conditions, into your testing. Choose your specific target group from over 500,000 testers worldwide utilising a variety of demographic criteria such as age, profession, hobbies, or income level.

The crowd is available 24/7 to provide fast, unbiased, and valuable feedback on the functionality and user-friendliness of your websites, mobile apps, chatbots, or games through the eyes of your end-user. This customer-centric emphasis in the testing and development of user interfaces and visual design is one of the many benefits of our crowdtesting approach.

Flexibility, scalability, and speed in your digital software development

Crowdtesting with our international online community frees you from the restrictions and limitations in your development process. Heterogeneity of devices and operating systems, screen resolutions, and limited time and resources are now a thing of the past.

With the help of over 500,000 testers and over 1,000,000 devices at their fingertips, functional testing and delivering a best-in-class customer experience for your exact target group is easier than ever before. Don’t lose any more time, money, or other resources by testing internally – leverage the power of the crowd now.

500,000 Testers
1,000,000 Devices
193 Countries

Leverage the power of the largest and most active crowd worldwide for your usability testing and for optimising the user experience of your digital products. Utilise the power of 1,000,000 devices for your functional testing – on every device, every operating system, and under real-world conditions with the help of our crowdtesting services.

  • Below 25
  • 26 – 35
  • 36 – 45
  • 46 – 55
  • Above 56

Optimise your digital user experience with our Testbirds Crowd

Usability & UX Testing

Start your journey into a customer-centric approach for usability and UX design optimisation. Use real users from our crowd to test your digital products and services, on real devices. You can easily match your tester selection to your product’s target audience to get relevant user feedback throughout the entire product life cycle.

Quality Assurance Testing

Functional testing with our crowd is the best-in-class approach to tackle all of the issues that might appear on the QA side of your SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). Our experienced crowdtesters cover all areas – from accessibility, security, and checkout to real-world end-to-end testing of the entire online purchase process, including customer service interaction and return management. Cover all QA aspects of your customer life cycle with the help of our crowdsourced testing services.

Tackle the challenge of a continuously growing device landscape

One of the main advantages of crowdtesting is the immense variety of devices and operating systems our crowd provides. To replicate this for internal testing using an inhouse device farm is extremely difficult and expensive. The complexity increases day by day due to different operating systems. From Android, iOS, Windows, or Linux with various web browsers running on a constantly growing number of connected devices ranging from PCs, tablets, smart TVs, and consoles to smart home appliances, wearables, and IoT devices. Here, the crowd offers the most flexible solution – a cross-section of systems and devices, matching all the testing requirements needed.

Ad-hoc availability & suitability in every stage of the development life cycle

You need results and you need them yesterday. Therefore, you require useful and reliable results in a small amount of time. As testing internally takes forever and results aren’t truly meaningful, crowdtesting is the right solution for you. With our crowd of more than 500,000 testers in 193 countries worldwide, tester recruitment is fast and efficient. Since we can find testers that match your specific target group, you can rely on the results of your crowdtest. Gain time to focus on your next project – by letting us and our testers do the work.

In any case, if you want to validate your concept, get early feedback on the look and feel of your prototype, or implement continuous testing throughout development stages, we help you make sure that your product is the best it can be, both before and after release.

Real-time status tracking & qualified end report

In all our services, our clients are able to live-track the progress and current status of their projects using a personal dashboard on our testing platform, the Nest. You can export all identified bugs into your bug-tracking software such as JIRA or Redmine, which allows your developers to begin working on tickets as soon as testing is completed. If you choose to go for Managed Service, a dedicated evaluation and analysis of your test results will be provided by one of our experienced project managers, including recommendations for optimisation.

Full flexibility & cost control

Our virtual currency, BirdCoins, offers you the freedom to test whenever you want. When it comes to project handling you have the choice of two different models.

In Managed Service one of our experienced project managers creates an individual test design, coordinates the test, collects and evaluates the results, and gives specific recommendations for action in a qualified end report. In Self-Service you have direct access to our crowdtesting platform, the Nest, to perform a check on your mobile app, website, or IoT application. You can set up everything on your own and have full freedom to launch, manage, and evaluate your tests.

BMW Motorrad

“With the support of Testbirds and the members of their crowd of testers we were able to detect critical errors and bugs which we had never located within hours before launch. […] We were also impressed by Testbirds’ flexibility and their ideas regarding tester recruitment.”
Jann Kirchhoff | Product Success Manager Connected Ride Digital Services & Apps @ BMW Motorrad


QUALITY ASSURANCE: Exploratory Bug Testing
“By crowdtesting on the right devices with the right browser versions and operating systems, Testbirds helps us deliver more customer-friendly websites and keep them customer-friendly (…) We have a continuous process of change, adjustment and improvement. Testbirds offer their testing solutions with the same flexibility and agility, which made us decide to embed their testing services continuously into our development cycle.”
Corny van de Wal, Team Manager Shop Development & Production

Landal GreenParks

USABILITY & UX: Usability & UX-Study
“Working with Testbirds led to us professionalising our testing process, as it forced us to critically examine our own testing structure.(..) It’s a powerful addition to our development process.”
Lieven Swinnen, Manager e-Business Landal GreenParks


“After we came to the conclusion that internal testing simply is not enough for us anymore, we decided to do Crowdtesting. If the product reaches a certain degree of complexity, internal testing requires too many resources. Furthermore, unbiased testers find mistakes, which would remain undiscovered otherwise.”
Manuel Haug, Head of Product Management Core at Celonis

Deutsche Telekom

“The communication between Telekom, Testbirds and the client development department was very helpful. With the aid of Testbirds we were able to identify and fix bugs as well as gather deep and direct feedback from our customers, which we wouldn’t have found otherwise.”
Michael Gater, Service Launch Manager, Deutsche Telekom


Do you have questions about crowdtesting? Would you like to have more information on how we can help you make your digital products even better? Just send us a message, one of our Solution Consultants will be happy to get in touch with you.

Remote testing – Secure, fast, and fully flexible access to our global crowd

Your testing projects can be realized fully remotely and without physical interaction – our remote testing services offer a fast turnaround and make testers available across the globe.

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