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For many companies, software testing is a major weakness in the development process. The heterogeneity of devices and operating systems is constantly growing. At the same time, restrictions in resources and time pressures often leave businesses unable to invest in testing to the extent required, leaving many issues unidentified and negatively impacting the quality of software. Crowdtesting is the outsourcing of software testing to an international online community. One of the main advantages of this method is the enormous variety of devices and operating systems that is extremely difficult for internal testing teams to reproduce. Android, iOS, desktops, tablets, smart TVs, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome… the crowd, a cross section of society, has it all. In addition, crowdtesting allows end consumers to test under real world conditions without relying on artificial environments. With a multitude of demographic criteria such as age, profession, hobbies or income class, it is possible to select your testers based on your exact target group. Prior to release, crowdtesting provides enterprises with the opportunity to gain an impression of how their customers will receive and use their digital products. Thanks to the internet, the crowd is always available to flexibly, quickly and without operational blindness provide invaluable functionality and user-friendliness feedback on your websites, apps, and much, much more.

What crowdtesting with Testbirds can offer you

As one of the world’s leading crowdtesting providers, we offer an enormous and diverse community of testers. There are over 250,000 registered testers on our testing platform, located in 193 countries with over 450,000 devices at your disposal. Our crowd represents end consumers without extensive IT knowledge, certified testers and specialists in a variety of sectors. All our crowdtesters are required to pass an entrance test that ensures we are able to deliver high standards of quality. In return, we pay fair performance-focused wages and are continuously working on improving our testing platform to make it as intuitive to use as possible.

How crowdtesting at Testbirds looks like

As our client you are able to choose from a multitude of different approaches and tools in the Quality Assurance and Usability/UX service areas that are performed by our crowd. From usability studies and exploratory or structured bug testing to prototype evaluation, card sorting, remote usability videos and competitor analysis, our service portfolio offers all this and much more.

In doing so we offer you different models regarding the project handling. In the managed service one of our experienced project managers is coordinating the test and furthermore creates an individual test design, collects and evaluates the results and gives specific recommendation for actions. There is also the possibility to use our self-service that lets you directly access our crowdtesting platform to perform a check on your software. A mix of these is the self-service plus which contains our support in creating the test design.

As diverse as our services are the many methods in which we execute your projects. Our Managed-Service features one of our experienced project managers who creates a custom test design based on your requirements, oversees and manages the testing process as well as collects and evaluates the results and provides specific recommendations for action. Alternatively, our Self-Service option allows you direct access to our crowdtesting platform to perform the necessary tests on your software. Self-Service Plus is a mixture of the two where you gain our support in creating the test design.

In all our services, our clients are able to live track the progress and current status of their projects using a personal dashboard on our testing platform. The exporting of found bugs in common systems such as JIRA is also a possibility, which allows your develops to begin working on tickets as soon as testing has been completed.

How can Testbirds help?

The advantages of crowdtesting at a glance

  • Real world testing without artificial environments
  • Availability of all devices and operating systems
  • Client specific feedback even prior to release
  • No operational blindness due to unbiased testers
  • Flexible and efficient ad-hoc availability

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