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Company History

From Munich start-up to market leader for innovative testing solutions – powered by crowd & cloud 

The founding of Testbirds:
Testing + crowdsourcing = crowdtesting 

Testbirds was founded in 2011 in Munich with the goal of supporting companies with the optimisation of their digital products. To address the growing challenges in software development and the increasing demands of clients looking to enhance quality levels, we have been looking for new opportunities and methods to enhance the functionality and user-friendliness of apps, websites, etc.

Thanks to an increasingly digitalised world, crowdsourcing, which is the sourcing of tasks to a global online community, has found its place in the business world and especially the IT industry. The application of this new form of labour to software testing resulted in a new, innovative method known as crowdtesting.

A major benefit of crowdtesting is the opportunity to have not only experts but also unbiased consumers performing software tests on their own devices and under real world conditions. This grants access to a nearly endless combination of devices, operating systems and software. Another advantage of this method lies in the selection of testers, who can be chosen based on numerous criteria and characteristics that reflect the product’s target group. Crowdtesters are available ad-hoc via the internet and ready to search for defects and usability issues without encountering operational blindness. As a result, businesses are provided with a huge amount of flexibility in allocating their resources.  

We were able to quickly convince our first clients and investors about the numerous benefits and opportunities of crowdtesting. In addition, the Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology (now Economy and Energy) recognised our business model’s potential and funded Testbirds in the form of the EXIST scholarship as well as the start-up competition, “IKT Innovativ”.

Testbirds goes international – a young company on the course of expansion 

Our client base grew as fast as Testbirds itself. Other than our headquarters in Munich, we have now over the past years opened offices in Amsterdam, London and Stockholm and franchises in Hungary and Slovakia with sales partners in Italy and North America. Our clients, however, are not only based in Europe as we work with companies on a worldwide basis. At the beginning, the Testbirds team consisted of only the three founders: Philipp Benkler, Georg Hansbauer and Markus Steinhauser. Today, the company has over 85 employees. The growth of our crowd has also been astounding. During Testbirds’ first year, testers were mainly located in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Now, we have testers in 193 countries and our community passed the milestone of 200,000 registered testers in the spring of 2017.

Crowdtesting and cloud technologies – our unique portfolio  

The amount of employees is not the only thing that has changed at Testbirds. We have also continuously enhanced and extended our service portfolio. An example of this is the increasing amount of smart devices that have found their way to our testers, from tooth brushes to smart TVs to robotic vacuum cleaners. Other than our Managed-Service, in which experienced project managers support you in successfully completing your QA and UX tests, our Self-Service offers a fast and convenient way for clients to design their own tests.

The latest and greatest milestone in Testbirds’ history is without a doubt our company’s realignment under the slogan, “Testing 4.0 – The Next Generation of Quality” and the integration of TestChameleon™ into our platform. With this in-house developed test infrastructure solution, automated and manual tests can be performed on virtual machines quickly and without additional maintenance costs for clients. We are happy to tell you in person and in further detail about the synergy that has evolved from the combinations of our different testing solutions, especially in the area of quality assurance.

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