End-to-End Testing

The line between the real and digital world continues to grow blurry. Test the interactions between all the different components with the help of the crowd under real world conditions!

The challenge: Digital software that functions in the real world

Connected cars, smart fridges, mobile tickets… Our daily lives are becoming increasingly digitized. The online world and the offline world are no longer separate as connectivity continues to grow. Analogue and digital are rapidly merging and apps connect the virtual world to the real one. Due to the interaction of all these components, there are more complex matters than pure software testing that need to be tackled with in order to ensure success.  Today, it’s essential to examine how interfaces interact and whether they are able to serve their purpose.

The solution: The crowd makes it possible to test in real world conditions instead of artificial environments!

At home, in the subway or on the street, our crowdtesters are able to go exactly where your applications will be used. Your applications, services and products can now undergo functionality and usability tests in the real world. Your own end consumers are able to execute several test cases to ensure that your digital products function as intended. Whether you’re creating an account online and providing proof of identity to the post office while rating their personnel for friendliness, dealing with complex connected car applications or intelligent devices that are a part of the smart home; crowd based end-to-end tests can be used in several different industries and are extremely valuable when testing the Internet-of-Things. Find out if your products are ready to be launched on the market or improve your existing applications by using the feedback of your potential clients!

The Benefits of End-to-End Testing

  • Test under real conditions, no artificial environments
  • Target-group specific selection of testers based on over 60 characteristics
  • Individual test designs for all sorts of test objects
  • Applicable in multiple stages of development
  • Experienced project managers support and give you recommendations for further actions
  • Shipment of samples and products handled by our company

Take the quality of your applications to the next level!

How it looks in practice

One of the world’s biggest electronic manufacturers invested in End-to-End testing for their baby monitor that had a camera function and was connected to an iPhone app. The device was used for over four weeks by more than 50 mothers and fathers with children under two years old. The functionality and usability of the baby monitor as well as the corresponding beta app were tested. Experienced testers documented the entire process in a user diary. After the testing phase ended, parents were asked to answer an extensive questionnaire with open and closed questions. With the help of testers’ feedback, the software and device have been improved based on the requirements of their consumers, increasing the chances of a successful launch.

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