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Intranet, enterprise and consumer apps or expert portals – have your employees or clients be your testers! Bring-Your-Own-Crowd™ is our exclusive service for businesses whose software requires specific knowledge or contains confidential information and need to incorporate their own end users.



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The challenge: Efficient testing of enterprise applications and inclusion of existing clients

Now-a-days many businesses processes have or are becoming digital and undergoing a step by step transformation from simple areas such as vacation forms and messenger apps to complex order processes, retail management and enterprise social networks. Users’ requirements for B2B applications are equally as high as those for consumer applications. Businesses therefore must assure that their software applications run flawlessly and are user-friendly. Otherwise, there is a real risk that apps are not accepted by employees or business clients or are only being used reluctantly. When it comes to consumer applications, companies often wish to ask existing clients about their opinions to assure they meet the expectations of the people who are already familiar with their other products.

The solution: Turn your employees and clients into testers!

By opting for our Bring-Your-Own-Crowd™ service, you are able to include your own clients and employees, hence allowing the people who are familiar with your business and products test your applications. When it comes to B2B applications, incorporating your own staff is a huge advantage as they often have the exact knowledge necessary about which tools would make their working lives easier and what has already proven to work in practice. In addition, they have the required knowledge to test all functions according to how they will be used in the future. Thanks to the integration of your staff and business clients into the testing process, you can also prevent the rejection of the new or modified software as well as avoid problems with change management. In this manner, Bring-Your-Own-Crowd™ is able to not only improve the quality but also the rate of acceptance of B2B applications. B2C-apps, on the other hand, allow you to gather direct and unbiased feedback of your existing clients thanks to our neutral platform. Primary users or experienced clients take part in your development process and the marketing department is available to pinpoint your target group’s desires. This impartial, out of the box view provides a huge advantage for B2B as well as B2C applications. Thanks to Bring-Your-Own-Crowd’s™ flexible nature you are able to extend your own testing group with testers from our crowd.

How it looks in practice

One of our clients from the automotive industry wanted to improve the management and interconnectivity of international sales by using a new web portal, or an online platform and mobile app with more than 3,000 retailers worldwide that is available in 15 languages. Other than an extensive download section, the platform also needed to grant access to online training and a forum for dealers to exchange hints and tips. To test the portal and its corresponding iOS and Android app’s functionality and user-friendliness, dealers from all relevant countries were invited to participate in the test. The test took place in two cycles. First, it focused on user-friendliness in the form of an extensive usability study. In doing so, dealers were able to express their opinion on additional functions. After the feedback was evaluated and the platform was adapted accordingly, the sales partners began to hunt for functional issues by performing typical use cases. Thanks to this, when launched, the platform was successfully receiving with an internal rating of 9.3 out of 10.


The Testbirds founders highlight milestones in the company’s history that have led up to the biggest one so far: The combination of our crowd and cloud technologies. The training session is aimed at anyone who works at tests – from QA to UX – and is interested in innovative testing methods.

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This short video explains how crowdtesting with Testbirds works: With the crowd we find bugs and improve the usability of your software.

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