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Case Study

Competitor Analysis of SimplyCodes Browser Extension

In order to properly evaluate SimplyCodes against its two main competitors, a wide range of e-commerce stores were selected. This selection was made across eight industries: Apparel, Beauty, Electronics, Health, Home, Finance, Travel, and Software.

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JIMMY DOHENY Director of Revenue Operations, SimplyCodes

“We believe in helping consumers discover and shop at brands of all sizes, especially smaller, up-and-coming brands. Often these startup brands will leverage promotional codes to help them increase their visibility, but we noticed many coupon extensions don’t cover these smaller brands. With the help of Testbirds robust testing process, we could objectively evaluate the coverage and success of SimplyCodes in order to offer users a better shopping experience and on a wider range of e-commerce stores.”

Test object

SimplyCodes browser extension

With the best coverage of promotional codes for online shopping, SimplyCodes wanted third-party validation for their best-in-class extension to get real data on how it compares to its competitors. The test shows that SimplyCodes community-driven approach ultimately outperforms competitors and creates a better e-commerce experience for its users.

Competitor Analysis
Usability & UX Test
Devices / Software Devices: Desktop (Windows / MAC)
Software: SimplyCodes browser extension
Testers Number: 20 Gender: 30% ♂ / 70% ♀
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SimplyCodes is a browser extension that improves the online shopping experience by providing promotional codes where and when you need them. It was already known internally that the browser extension provides a better performance and experience than its competitors, but SimplyCodes wanted to validate this with an unbiased third party. With a common foundation in crowdsourcing and creating better customer experiences, it was a natural choice to use Testbirds’ expertise for this project.


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Client's needs

SimplyCodes prides itself in making ecommerce better for everyone. As part of that mission, SimplyCodes needs to provide the best coverage of promotional codes. Making ecommerce better in this way meant getting the real data on how SimplyCodes compares to its main competitors.

Founder & CEO, SimplyCodes

“With SimplyCodes, we want to truly deliver on the goal of providing working coupon codes for all stores all the time. This is a massive data challenge, and the only way to achieve this is by partnering with our community of users through crowdsourcing, gamification, and microincentives. We embrace Web3 principles of shared ownership, aligned incentives, and community collaboration as key pillars of our strategy to deliver on the promise of truly accurate and reliable coupons at scale.”

Test setup

In order to properly evaluate SimplyCodes against its two main competitors, a wide range of e-commerce stores were selected. This selection was made across eight industries: Apparel, Beauty, Electronics, Health, Home, Finance, Travel, and Software. Over the course of four and a half months, twenty testers from the Testbirds Crowd were asked to use SimplyCodes and the two competing browser extensions on 500 e-commerce stores to see if promotional codes were available for each store and report which extension had the most successful codes.

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The test concluded that SimplyCodes vastly outperforms their competitors in all aspects. Out of 500 stores from the database that SimplyCodes covers, competitors only covered about half of the stores.

Although store coverage is a relevant metric, the most important factor for users is that there are discount codes that actually work when making a purchase. Both competitors had working codes for less than 30% of the stores tested, whereas SimplyCodes provides users with valid discounts for more than 65% of the stores. On average, the SimplyCodes extension found 1.74 working codes per store – 2–3 times more than its competitors.

In addition to internal reviews done by SimplyCodes, using Testbirds as a third party to validate their browser extension shows what was already known – SimplyCodes has by far the best coverage in comparison to their competitors. This clearly shows that the community-driven approach works, keeping promotional codes up-to-date and competitive, and ultimately creating a better e-commerce experience for SimplyCodes’ users.

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SEAN GARTLAND Head of Product, SimplyCodes

“In order to deliver the best coupon experience, you have to evaluate yourself against industry leaders. We partnered with Testbirds to get insights that are invaluable to refining our UX and our coupon data model.”

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