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Pizza, Beer & Bugs – “Usability Testessen” at Testbirds

by | Mar 27, 2019 | News, Testers, Events, Usability | 0 comments

We proudly announce that Testbirds will be hosting the next “Usability Testessen” on April 10th in our Munich office.

When we first heard about the idea of bringing testers and companies together, accompanied by some pizza, beer, and soft drinks, it was quite clear that we NEEDED to be the host for the next event in Munich.

What: “Usability Testessen”
When: April 10th, 2019; 7:00 pm
Where: Testbirds Headquarters, Radlkoferstraße 2, 81373 Munich

Check location with Google Maps

Usability Speed-Dating: The idea behind the “Usability Testessen”

7 Stations, 7 Testers, 12 Minutes.

In total, we’re inviting seven companies whose products will be evaluated by seven testers. Each company can bring one product presented how they choose – whether that be via a website, an app or a prototype printed on paper. Each of the seven testers will have 12 minutes to test each product.

Feedback will be given following the “Thinking-Aloud-Method”, which means that testers will share out loud what they perceive and what their next steps would be.

The supervisor of the station can note down important statements and problems the testers are facing in real time, instantly gathering input on how his product can be improved.
The overall idea is to give companies the chance to gather quick and valuable feedback on their products in different development stages. And to make the whole experience even better, this takes place in a very relaxed atmosphere with pizza, beer and highly motivated testers.

You can find more information about the event on the events’ website (only available in German). If you want to learn more about usability & UX testing and how it is done at Testbirds, e.g., crowdtesting, please visit our website.

Attending is quite simple

Whether you want your service to be tested, or if you are an interested tester, you can register easily on the event’s website starting today.

But watch out, only 6 more testers and 6 more companies will have the chance to take part – as we have already secured a spot for one of our clients and one tester from our crowd.
So you better be quick and save your spot!

What you can expect

There won’t be a strict schedule, but the evening will likely be structured like this:

  • Start at 7:00 pm
  • Pizza, drinks, and introduction
  • 6x12 minutes Speed-testing
  • Short feedback session
  • Time for networking, more food, and more drinks

Why we host the “Usability Testessen”

As one of the world’s leading crowdtesting providers and specialists in testing software such as apps, websites, and Internet of Things applications, for us it was just natural that we should host the ”Testessen” in Munich. The idea of bringing together testers and companies in a feel-good atmosphere while having a fun evening and, on top of that, creating useful feedback on usability totally convinced us.

Of course, we are always up for a lively evening filled with meeting new people and pizza and beer (and soft drinks, of course!).

So we invite you to join in the fun with us and help to get better products out there in the market.

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