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Testing mobile Apps, Games & Devices

Tackle mobile device fragmentation now. iOS, Android, native, hybrid – test UX and QA of your mobile apps and games without restrictions.



Crowdtesting with over 500,000 testers allows you to select your exact target group


Over 1,000,000 devices cover all device and software combinations


Quality assurance through a variety of bug tests


Individual test design – adapted exactly to your test requirements


High quality standards and a client satisfaction rating of 9.2 out of 10


Leverage the power of user-centric crowdtesting for your apps

What makes an mobile app or game successful?


The Challenge: Strong competition in the mobile market

Mobile apps and games have to make a good impression when it comes to their functionality and usability. Unfortunately, extensive usability testing is often overlooked. This can lead to apps that don’t satisfy the necessities of their target group or that aren’t able to fulfil their purpose. The majority apps are therefore never used more than once. If you want to make sure that your mobile apps and games are a perfect fit for your audience – test them before the go to market with the help of our crowd.

The Solution: Providing a high product quality with functional testing

In addition, it’s important to assure that apps work on all relevant devices and operating systems and that they perform as they should. If you just take Android OS in consideration – developers had to deal in 2018 with more than 11 different versions in the market. For example, it’s possible that some errors like crashes only occur on certain device combinations such as a Samsung Galaxy S20 running Android version 10. However, few companies are able to access hundreds of different combinations of operating systems, browsers, software and devices that would allow them to test for such defects. So the solution is eas – simply tackle device diversity using millions of possible combinations available in our crowd as real devices.

Our recommendations for mobile app testing

Comparison Study

Design, navigation, color design in your app? Find out what your customers prefer and above all: why!

Remote Interviews

Unfiltered insights into users’ thoughts while testing your apps? Remote Interviews make this possible!

Exploratory Bug Testing

Our crowd tests your app in terms of quality and finds your bugs, under real conditions on their own devices.


Our all-in-one service: Check the functionality of your website with the crowd and get feedback on usability!


Remote testing – Secure, fast, and fully flexible access to our global crowd

Your testing projects can be realized fully remotely and without physical interaction – our remote testing services offer a fast turnaround and make testers available across the globe.

The types of apps we test


Native apps

A native app has to first be downloaded from Google Play or the iTunes app store and then installed onto a device. The program, for example a calendar, often works with or without internet connectivity and is able to access a device’s hardware features (camera, microphone, etc.).


Web apps

This application looks like an app but is runs in browsers. It works on all kinds of devices but cannot access all hardware parts like native apps can. The mobile Facebook website is a well-known example of a web app that can be used without installation.


Hybrid apps

A hybrid app combines the advantages of native and web app. It works platform- and device-independent. Therefore there is only one version, that can be used browser based on smartphone and tablets with iOS, Android and Windows. In contrast to the web app, the hybrid app can also access hardware such as the GPS sensor.


“The research carried out by Testbirds proved our instincts were right with a combination of invaluable anecdotal and quantitative data. The process was clear and the team at Testbirds provided useful feedback and advice throughout.”

David Kane

Director of Editorial Content, Veon


“We looked at other vendors, but quickly decided to work with Testbirds. […] Most importantly, Testbirds was able to provide the right testers and the company is a very flexible service provider that has implemented the projects quickly and smoothly.”

Dr. Jochen Münchenberg

Founding member, Interhyp Zukunftswerkstatt


“Testbirds is an excellent service provider and will continue to be our first point of contact when it comes to quality assurance.”

Manuela Stauch

Digital Marketing Manager, Auto Club Europe

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