App Distribution

Is your beta app not yet ready for the public, but you already want to share it with colleagues or potential clients and perform tests? Share your applications via the internet conveniently, safely and for free with Birdflight.

The challenge: App distribution without using the app store

To convince users to choose your mobile applications, it’s necessary to perform extensive functionality and usability tests prior to release. In order to execute these tests, the beta-apps need to first be accessible. However, in official app stores hosted by Apple, Google, etc. incomplete applications are not allowed. Now, you can share your apps with team members or testers in a simple manner using Birdflight.

The solution: Easy and free app distribution with Birdflight

Using over-the-air, upload your Android or iOS app to the cloud in a convenient and quick manner and easily share it with all of your testers, clients and employees for free with Birdflight. At Testbirds, your apps don’t have to pass a reviewing phase to be shared. Our online service makes it possible for you to send your applications to exactly the people who are supposed to receive them, allowing you to test them during beta phase. With our online management tool you can create mailing lists and track downloads including SDK for crash reports. If you want to gain access to additional testers or need a specific combination of devices and operating systems, you can easily change to our crowdtesting Self-Service and TestChameleon, which are just a click away.

The Process:

  1. Register with Birdflight
  2. Upload your beta app
  3. Create a mailing list or public link
  4. Invite testers
  5. Start test

The Benefits of App Distribution

  • Developed in-house
  • Distribution of iOS and Android apps
  • Free of cost and easy to use
  • Efficient test management including tracking of downloads
  • App distribution via public link, no registration of testers required
  • SDK for crash reports
  • Fast upgrade to Testbirds’ Self Service with access to 200,000 + testers and 450,000 + devices

Take the quality of your applications to the next level!

How it looks in practice

We let the numbers do the talking. Since our launch approximately two years ago, over 4,000 developers have registered with Birdflight to share their beta apps. Every month we have around 200 new registration and about 200 apps are uploaded by registered developers. At the same time, there are approximately 14,000 downloads on Birdflight every single month. In total there have been 150,000 crash logs protocolled on Birdflight, mostly on Android devices.

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